Paper Food Containers

Paper Food Containers are the greenest Take-away Food Containers on the market. These Biodegradable Containers can be found in different models: from Pizza Boxes, Burger Boxes, Food Boxes or Fried Chicken Buckets, to Hot Dog Boxes, Sandwich Boxes, Soup and Ice Cream Containers or French Fries Boxes. As you can see, we have a wide range of colors and we also offer the possibility to customize our Paper Food Containers.

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Barn Take Out Box

The Menu Boxes are ideal for taking your food wherever you go or for your birthday parties. Perfect for children's events or picnics in the countryside or on the beach, these Menu Boxes are the cardboard packaging you need to comfortably carry your food on special occasions: with the Picnic Boxes you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying your day; and, with the Children's Menu Boxes you will brighten up the celebrations by giving them a special and different touch and, above all, it will make it easier for you to organize such an important party for you and yours. 

Candy Boxes

The Cake Boxes are the best option when serving and transporting all kinds of sweets and desserts, in the most comfortable and hygienic way. Available in different shapes, colours and finishes, the Round Cake Boxes, Square Cake Boxes, Muffin Boxes or Cupcake Boxes and Cake Boxes, among other options, form a very complete category where you will find the Cake Boxes that best suit your needs. If you take care of the smallest detail of your candy, cake or pie, how can you not give it the Cake and Pie Package it deserves?

Baking Cups and Cupcake Liners

Paper Capsules are much more than just dessert capsules. The most delicious sweets are waiting for you like a treasure. Your most artistic desserts will not move and you can transport your CupCakes, Muffins, Chocolates, Cakes, etc. to any place in the most comfortable way. The Paper Baking Capsules are excellent for both bakeries and individuals. Do you know why? 

Burger Boxes

Cardboard Burger Packs are ideal for Fast Food restaurant service or Takeaway. Enjoy the taste of an authentic hamburger by presenting it with these Disposable Burger Packs, ideal for their quality and price. The Hamburger Boxes are available in White, Kraft or White, because the difference is in the details!

Pizza Boxes

The best way to serve delicious pizzas is to do it in Pizza Boxes or Pizza Serving Wedges. Our Cardboard Pizza Boxes can be printed or customized with your business name or logo. If you want to buy Cheap Pizza Boxes, in different sizes, don't hesitate and check our catalogue. Your pizza will taste fresh from the oven.

At MonoUso we offer all types of very specific Paper Food Containers for your hospitality business. These Disposable Containers are very comfortable to carry and allow you to taste the food directly from the Paper Food Container.

These Fast Food Containers offer resistance and prevent grease from passing through, so customers will not get stained.

Try our Hot Dog Boxes, Hamburger Boxes or the excellent Fast Food Trays. Not to mention our Popcorn Boxes or the wide range of Pizza Boxes. Our French Fries Trays or Takeaway Boxes can also be what you need for your hospitality business.

And if you want to give more dynamism to your cafeteria, Cardboard Cup Holders are a good attraction for your customers' coffee breaks.

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