Sugarcane Food Containers

Sugar Cane Containers have become the Biodegradable Containers par excellence. These Ecological Containers, made with the remains of the sugar cane plant (bagasse), which remains after the extraction of the sugar juice, present a great variety of utilities such as BePulp Sandwich Containers, BePulp Bueger Containers, BePulp Multifunctional Containers, Sugar Cane BePulp Trays, Sauce Containers, Soup Containers and MenuBox Containers.

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BePulp Sandwich Containers

Sugar Cane Burger and Sandwich Packs are the most environmentally friendly food serving containers on the market. These Biodegradable Hamburger Containers, made from sugar cane, are made from the remains of the sugar cane plant (bagasse), which is left after the extraction of the sugar juice, and are perfect for withstanding high temperatures, thus conserving the heat of the food. These Compostable Burger Shells with the most sustainable disposable burger packaging in the industry are ideal for their quality and price.

Sugarcane Hinged Lid Deli Containers

Menu Sugar Cane Packages are perfect for presenting the different foods in their respective compartments. These Biodegradable Containers have become the best ally for the Environment, since they are made of Sugar Cane, avoiding the contamination that is its destruction. In addition, the Single Use Compostable Containers for Menus prevent food from mixing flavors between them and from losing temperature.

BePulp Multi-purpose Containers

Try our Organic Multifunctional Packaging, let's be respectful of our environment. Thanks to these magnificent Biodegradable Multifunctional Containers, which have several compartments to be able to distribute various types of food, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant meal anywhere. With our BePulp Multifunctional Containers, comfort goes hand in hand with responsibility.

BePulp Sugarcane Bowls

Organic Sugar Cane Bags have become the ideal food containers for serving salads, creams or liquid foods that can easily be spilled. Our BePulp Sugar Cane Bags are of the highest quality and most importantly, environmentally friendly. With our Biodegradable Bags comfort comes hand in hand with responsibility.

Round Sugarcane Containers

We present these magnificent Sugar Cane Terrines ideal to dress the table in an ecological way. We can put an elegant table with disposable products and be respectful with our environment, and we owe it all to these incredible Biodegradable Terrines. With these Ecological Sugar Cane Terrines, comfort at lunch time comes hand in hand with responsibility.

Concerned about the environment?

Sugar Cane Containers are the most ecological Food Containers that you can find in the Disposable Containers business.

Our Sugar Cane Containers can be found in different models and shapes for different uses. For this reason, at MonoUso you will find from Burger Sugar Cane Boxes and Menu Boxes, to Soup Containers and Sauce Containers.

The natural material of which a Disposable Sugar Cane Container is composed ensures rigidity in its structure and a good finish, which allows the isolation from the outside temperature or the liquid to be poured.

Sugar Cane Containers will convince you! And if these are not the Food Containers you need for your business, do not hesitate to check our Plastic Containers, Cardboard Containers, FOAM Containers, Aluminum Containers or Packaging Bags sections.

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