Food grade pipettes

To give that touch of flavor to your appetizers, tapas, cocktails and desserts, without having to touch the food and deciding the dose of aroma yourself, there is nothing better than our Tasting Pipettes. Made of low density polyethylene, non-toxic and inert, our Plastic Catering Pipettes are resistant to food acids such as lemon or vinegar, making them indispensable for the use of pickled sauces or vinaigrette.

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    Give that touch of flavor to your presentations by seasoning your appetizers with our Plastic Tasting Pipettes. Play with the flavor combinations you prefer so you can serve all kinds of skewers and tapas that need to be accompanied by any sauce.

    Ideal for catering, family parties, barbecues or mass events, the Mini Catering Pipettes are perfect for seasoning dishes to your liking.

    Composed of a thin tube that ends in a small container the liquid, just press the Food Pipette to bring the liquid in contact with the food.

    Our Pipettes for Oils, Sauces or Vinaigrettes can also be used to inject the liquid into the food or can be used as a skewer for soft ingredients such as desserts or fruits.

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