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  • Quick delivery: we work with permanent stock. If the product is available, your order will be shipped directly from our store.

  • Competitive: our great catalogue allows us to offer variety and economic prices to both companies and individuals.

  • Reliable: our products are completely certificated and subject to quality controls. Trust in us is guarantee of success.

  • Close: we offer personalized and specialized attention to make your order safely.

  • Sustainable: we were the first in the sector to offer ecological products. After years of enriching it, we have one of the largest catalogues of ECO tableware and packaging.

Disposable Products

You're opening a take away business and you need disposable products?

Do you need a reliable online packaging shop that serves you quickly?

Do you want to bet on competitive and quality hostelry supplies online?

Are you looking for disposable catering supplies online?

Are you thinking of incorporating eco-friendly disposable items and don't know where to start?

At Monouso we have been answering these questions for over 10 years, whether you are a large catering professional, a small business or an individual. But if this is the first time you visit us, let us tell you briefly who we are:

Monouso is your online shop for disposable tableware and food packaging. Monouso is hostelry, but it is also that person who organizes small events or simply needs tableware online.

Thousands of customers choose us every day not only for our efficient service, but also to benefit from our experience. So when you order at Monouso, you not only get fast and secure delivery, but you also get the assurance that this is the product you need.

Our knowledge not only comes from our suppliers, but working with different types of customers gives us a unique perspective. So many years in selling disposables online has taught us that meeting the needs of a customer looking for cheap but stylish catering supplies is not the same as meeting the needs of a restaurant serving hundreds of take-out orders. Listening to you allows us to anticipate your needs... and we love listening to you!

In order to provide you with this service, not only do we need to know the product and your needs, but we also need to trust the quality of our catalogue. That is why we only work with proven and certified manufacturers and suppliers. Glasses, plates, containers, disposable clothing... if it is a single-use product, its quality is guaranteed.

And it is clear that when you decide to buy catering equipment online, quality is very important. But what about the price? Thanks to the solid relationship we have with our suppliers, we can afford to offer you very competitive prices. Thus, at Monouso we make your kitchenware cheaper than other options.

And not less important: we bet for a sustainable sector. At Monouso you will not only find recyclable and reusable plastic kitchenware. We have made a great effort to offer you a catalogue full of recyclable, biodegradable and compostable tableware and single-use containers. In addition, we work on each product file so that you can see clearly the recommended use of each reference. Remember: the sustainability of catering disposables always depends on responsible use.

We can tell you much more about our work, but what better than to do it directly? Contact us now and we will help you to solve your doubts about our catering supplies online. We are waiting for you!

Monouso Team

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