Paper Drinking straws

Paper Straws have become the best accessories to enjoy your refreshment at any party or special event. These Paper Straws have become a trend in decoration, their designs are very cheerful and innovative and give life and color to any fun act that is worthwhile. Our Paper Straws, 100% ecological, are made of thick paper specially treated for food, this composition makes them very safe and keeps them rigid for hours.

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To give a touch of colour and joy to your party, do not hesitate to consult our Paper Straws catalogue. These Paper Colour Straws are the perfect complement for your refreshment or drink. You can combine the Paper Cannons to match the colors of your party and the triumph is assured.

With stripes, polka dots, colours or black and white, our Paper Straws offer a wide variety of designs so that no one is left indifferent when it comes to enjoying their drink. Their use is very versatile, because they are suitable for both children and adults, as our Paper Straws are suitable for weddings and children's parties.

You can present these Paper Cannons directly in each soft drink, in a container with Sheathed Paper Straws, so that each client selects his or her own, or in a Straw Dispenser, so that each guest takes his or her own. The important thing is that you choose a color that coordinates with the rest of the decoration of your event.

And if this type of straw is not what you need for your party, do not hesitate to consult our sections of Flexible Plastic Straws or Straight Straws.

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