Plastic Cocktail Glasses and Flutes

Buying Plastic Cups has never been so simple, that's why in MonoUso we offer you the best Disposable Plastic Cups in the market, with great quality, resistance and with a very good price. In our catalogue you will find from Plastic Party Cups, Plastic Cava Cups and Plastic Wine Cups and Water Glasses, to Plastic Liqueur Cups, Plastic Reusable Cups, Plastic Cocktail Bags and Plastic Buckets. Without a doubt the best collection of Disposable Cups of all types: both Cheap Plastic Cups and Premium Plastic Cups.

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Pla cocktail glasses

A must at any party, celebration or event is a glass, be it of wine, champagne or any other beverage. However, what would you think if we told you that there is an ideal product, practically unbreakable and that it is also ecological? I want it! It's our biodegradable PLA glasses.

Economical Plastic Cups

To dress up your table or event, there is nothing better than Cheap Plastic Cups. Made of high quality polystyrene, our Cheap Plastic Cups are the perfect solution to give distinction to your celebration, without it being too noticeable in your pocket. These Disposable Glasses can be used as Wine Glasses, Cava Glasses or Cocktail Glasses. Economic Plastic Cups are the simplest and most economical solution in Disposable Tableware for your event or reception. They are very practical and hygienic to use, as they are single-use glasses, so they can be collected and cleaned quickly, saving on dishwashing and drying.

Plastic Champagne Flutes

Classic Plastic Champagne Glasses are designed to enjoy all types of champagnes, whether they are dry, fresh or light. Ideal for creating multi-storey fountains where the golden liquor descends to fill each service, our Classic Plastic Cups will add a touch of distinction to your event, as they can be purchased with the stem in different colors. These Disposable Champagne Glasses will allow you to feel the wonderful tingling of the bubbles on the tip of your tongue. 

Plastic Cava Flutes

Make your toast happy with our Plastic Champagne Glasses. These elegant Disposable Plastic Cups offer great strength and sobriety with a very bright finish. If you want to make an event and present an elegant disposable glass, let yourself be surprised by the high quality of our collection of economical plastic glasses for champagne. Disposable glasses that are difficult to break and easy to assemble.

Plastic Short-Stem Champagne Flutes

The Plastic Low Foot Cava Cups offer great strength and are ideal for making toasts without fear of the foot being broken. These Disposable Glasses are perfect for serving champagne, champagne or brut and celebrating great moments with a chin-chin finish. That's why, at your parties or big events where the number of people involves a large number of glasses, our Low Stem Plastic Cups are perfect.

Whether for restaurants, hotels or individuals, Plastic Cups are the star item when it comes to celebrate those special moments. However, there is a wide range of Disposable Plastic Cups; some of them are Reusable Plastic Cups due to their composition, quality and resistance.

Whether you want to dress the table or put the brooch to an event, our Plastic Cups are the resource you need. In MonoUso we have a wide range of Disposable Cups so you can choose the one that best suits to your needs.

Here you can buy from Plastic Cava Glasses, Water Glasses and Plastic Wine Cups and Plastic Liquor Cups, to elegant and affordable Plastic Cocktail Cups, Reusable Wine Cups, Reusable Cava Cups and Reusable Gin Tonic and Cocktail Cups. You mustn’t forget the new range of Plastic Bags for Cocktail and Plastic Buckets.

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