Plastic Cocktail Glasses and Flutes

As soon as plastic cups take flight at celebrations or events, the phrase "a toast!" is always heard and is accompanied by good intentions towards all the guests. Occasions like this deserve a product to match and, for this, Monouso brings you the best disposable and reusable cups.

With a wide variety of models, colours and designs adapted to the drink you are going to serve, these disposable plastic cups will add a distinguished touch to the organisation of the party.

  • Water, wine, champagne, spirits, cocktails or mixed drinks: we have a glass to suit every drink!
  • Transparent or coloured, to shine at all kinds of events.
  • They don't break into small pieces that cut
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Buy plastic cups

If you are interested in buying cheap plastic cups, the selection in our online shop will not disappoint you. In addition to being economical, they have many other advantages that traditional cups don't have:

  • They do not shatter when broken.
  • More efficient storage: stackable without the risk of damage.
  • They allow you to renew your collection often to keep up with trends at very competitive prices.

When choosing plastic cups, you only need to think about the function they will perform, the style of your catering disposables and the alcoholic beverage you will be serving: we'll take care of the rest. You've come to the perfect place to buy your disposable cups. Are you ready to discover the ideal types of cups for your event?

Plastic cups for parties

You have been thinking about having a party in your restaurant for some time and you want everything to be perfect: lighting, sound, decoration and most importantly, the food and drink. Our shop can help you with the latter, because in Monouso we have cheap and quality plastic cups that you will need to make the toast of your customers perfect.

In our catalogue you can find plastic wine glasses, champagne glasses without stems (removable and easy to assemble), plastic gin and tonic glasses, plastic glasses for liquors and disposable champagne glasses, among other utilities. We assure you that you won't notice the difference with respect to their glass counterparts thanks to their quality, transparency and rigidity.

These plastic cups are not only attractive because of their design, but also because of their price.

copas de plástico

Plastic cups for lunches and dinners

There is nothing better than disposable wine glasses to start the evening. In various shapes and colours, you can choose from a wide range: from disposable plastic wine glasses decorated in different colours at the base to monochrome ones such as black plastic wine glasses.

With them, diners won't be able to resist accompanying their meal with a good glass of red wine or water.

Oh, and don't forget: you also have the classic drink stirrers available, a detail that becomes an art when it comes to the most demanding customers (don't forget to have on hand an arsenal of ingredients to add to your gin and tonic, the ultimate for the most sybarites).

Lastly, as tradition dictates, we are talking about plastic champagne glasses(plastic flute glasses or classic models for champagne): the disposable glasses for toasts par excellence. In our shop you can buy cheap plastic champagne glasses perfect for any occasion and they are the perfect finishing touch to any celebration, and in your hotel or catering business you have to be prepared from start to finish. Don't let your customers catch you without the perfect glasses! As they are stackable and space-saving, the option of relying on disposable plastic cups, large and small, for organising large events is ideal.

Plastic cup colours

The conventional plastic cup is usually transparent, but there are plenty of colours to choose from. Discreet colours on the base of the cup will give a touch of distinction to the drink and will be at the height of any event.

White, yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, lilac, grey, beige, turquoise, brown, black, gold, silver... and a long etcetera that you can consult in our catalogue. Have you already chosen your coloured disposable cups?

We have disposable plastic cups that are practically unbreakable. You can discover them in their category above. They are undoubtedly a very smart solution and this type of glasses are widely used for cocktails and champagne especially in the hotel, catering and parties where it is important to offer customers an option with which they can go out dancing, glass in hand, without worrying about the weight or filling the dance floor with glass if they have an accident.

copas plasticas

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