Plastic Wine Glasses

Plastic Water and Wine Glasses are great for catering, bars, restaurants or outdoor events such as weddings, baptisms or large celebrations, where distinction and elegance prefer no broken glass on the floor.

These Disposable Glasses, made of crystal polystyrene, offer a transparency and rigidity that makes customers confuse them with a real crystal glass. But the difference lies in the fact that after serving, diners can dispose of their Plastic Single-Use Cup without difficulty. 

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The Disposable Wine Glasses are made of crystal polystyrene, so they offer a rigid finish with a quality crystalline appearance that makes the bubbles of the drink perfectly distinguishable.

Compared to glass, these Plastic Party Glasses reduce the risk of breakage and damage, because even if they break they do not produce glass, their edges do not splinter and they are so flexible that they will not become a weapon against guests. That's why children can use them as Plastic Water Cups or for other soft drinks, with the certainty that they won't get hurt.

At Monouso we offer a wide range of disposable plastic cups, transparent or with coloured feet, depending on the occasion.

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