Plastic Bowls With Lid

Plastic Bags with Lids are the best ally for foods that you want to keep in good condition. Our Plastic Bowls with Lids are the best ally for those who want to sit at the table with the family and eat: first course, second course, dessert and coffee, but it is not possible for them because they eat at the office. Here is the solution, the Plastic Lid Bowls, these Disposable Bowls keep food in good condition, are suitable for fridge, freezer or microwave, and their strong lids prevent food from spilling.

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The new urban lifestyle, the unpredictable working hours of today and the days that pass without breathing, have made the time of the meal an act that takes place anywhere. That is why plastic bags with lids have become the best friends of our daily diet.

At MonoUso we offer you endless possibilities.

1. The Economical Plastic Bags: faster, more hygienic and easier to carry, these Plastic Bowls will save us from having to clean and tidy up, because once we have eaten them, that's it. In catering and buffet, they are also in great demand for serving creams, snacks and appetizers.

2. The Hard Plastic Bags: slightly more expensive than the Economy Plastic Bowls, but obviously more resistant and more durable, will help us enjoy soups, creams and stews without spilling anything and keeping the food in perfect condition.

3. The Thermal FOAM Plastic Bags: perfect for hot meals where you want to keep the food at the right temperature. They do not filter the taste and keep the quality of the food as if it was just made.

Our Disposable Plastic Bags can be used as Plastic Salad Bowls, Plastic Tasting Bags, Disposable Soup Bags and many more functions. There are as many Plastic Bags as you want to use!

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