Paper Cutlery Envelopes

From MonoUso we offer our disposable cutlery envelopes made of paper, a biodegradable and 100% recyclable raw material.

These bags are the perfect alternative so that each client feels comfortable knowing that this product is unique and exclusive for him. These disposable pouches are ideal for saving time for waiters in catering or in premises with heavy workloads, as well as offering a fresher design in your business.

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Paper cutlery envelopes are an alternative way of offering the utensils wrapped in a napkin, which will only be handled by the customer. 

They consist of attractive decorated paper bags that can include a napkin with the necessary cutlery inside to offer a complete and comfortable service for your guests.

These cutlery holders are ideal for optimizing the assembly time of the tables of your establishment as well as to include cutlery in your business Take Away, Food Trucks or even for family events such as a picnic.

From MonoUso we offer you a wide range of covers in colours and designs perfect for your business, don't hesitate and order now!

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