Paper Cutlery Envelopes

Can you imagine being able to dress all the tables in a service quickly and effectively? Or perhaps guaranteeing the best take away and delivery service? Organisation is a key issue in any catering establishment. That's why having elements that help you to speed up this process can be a great help.

To achieve this, at Monouso we are committed to paper envelopes for cutlery. They stand out for being:

  • Hygienic: they provide extra cleanliness by protecting the cutlery and offering them in a perfectly clean condition to your guests.
  • Easily stored and transportable: they are organised in convenient packs, which can be stacked in your storeroom.
  • Resistant, light and flexible: as they are made of high quality paper, they can be easily folded, but can perfectly support the weight of a set of cutlery, whether disposable or metallic.
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Cutlery envelopes for all occasions

If you offer a take away or delivery service, providing your customers with cutlery is necessary to ensure their satisfaction, right? Most probably, you have thought about the best way to include them in the order in a convenient way. The same is true when it comes to serving lunch or dinner in your premises.

Take away, delivery, food trucks... These are just some of the businesses that need to offer cutlery to their customers when offering their services. But, in reality, any establishment can benefit from this product.

In our shop you will find a wide variety of cutlery pouches, made of different materials and finishes, as well as some complements to round off your customers' experience and guarantee the safety and hygiene of the cutlery your business has.

If you opt for cutlery envelopes, you will also be able to express the personality of your business through their designs and colours. After all, when it comes to communicating, any medium is really valid.

Moreover, as they are disposable, your customers can be sure that they are the first and only ones to have used them, which will increase their confidence in your business.

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