Freezer bags

Freezer bags, made from various types of durable plastic, are the best way to store food in your freezer.

Many times we need to store food or fruit at below freezing temperatures, but we don't want that process to end up damaging the food.

To help you in this process, Monouso presents its line of freezer bags, ideal for storing any food for months at extreme cold temperatures.

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The freezer bags have the following characteristics:

Special design for low temperatures. Superior resistance. Harmless to our food. Hermetic seal that protects and safeguards the food from extreme cold.
The reusable freezer bags you find in Monouso offer you those properties and many more.

To manufacture these bags, we use low density polyethylene, a highly resistant polymer that does not represent any danger to your health and your family.

We have transparent bags, with bands - ideal for writing the name of the content with a marker - and the presentations with pockets, ideal if you want to introduce a label or information about the food you are protecting.

Freezer bags with closure
As for the types of closures, we have the two most functional models on the market: 

Self-closing by pressure:
The most traditional closure for this type of bag. You only press - from one end to the other - so that the whole content is hermetically sealed. Closing by cursor:
This type of freezer bag contains a device that, with just a move, opens or closes the mouth of the bag.
The Mono Freeze Bags are available in a wide variety of sizes, options that will allow you to store -without problem- the amount of food you need.

The small freezer bags measure 18 cm x 17 cm, while the larger ones measure 30 cm x 40 cm, you could store a computer keyboard inside them.

These types of bags are ideal for use in the restaurant, hotel and catering sector, as they make it easier to transport ingredients, frozen foods, sauces or creams.


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