Plastic Cup Lids

Plastic Cup Covers are the necessary complement for take-out businesses to serve their refreshments in any of the Disposable Cups they have. Ideal for fast food or take-out establishments, these cup lids will keep the drink from spilling and make the customer feel very grateful for the good service. We have glass lids of any size.

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The Cup Covers fit perfectly to any of our Plastic Cups. They are transparent with an opening, perfect for introducing the straw through the cross or the spoon through the hole and enjoy your soda, smothie or fruit cocktail.

Our Flat Covers and Oval Covers are adapted to the different capacities of the Disposable Cups we offer. They are the perfect solution to avoid spilling the liquid and enjoy your soda while you walk, dance or move.

You can complete your order with any of our Soft Drink Straws, whether they are Flexible Straws or Rigid Straws. These lids are also suitable for the Cardboard Cups.

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