Plastic Plates

Plastic Plates are perfect when it comes to dress a table in an easy, comfortable and quick way. Because of its disposable tableware condition, these plastic plates will save you time and money. In this section we present a very complete range of Disposable Plates, as well as Reusable Plates. You will find transparent, white, black, red, pink, lilac (and a long etcetera) Plastic Plates; under a great variety of materials, designs and forms. We invite you to have a look through our round and square Economical Plastic Plates; PET Presentation Plates and Plastic Under Plates; FOAM Plates; round and square PS Hard Plates; Color Plastic Plates; Microwaveable Plastic Plates categories; and an impressive collection of Design Plates: PS Hard Synthetic Slate Plates, PS Design "Shape" Hard Plates, PP Premium Round Hard Plates, Premium Square Plates and Premium Nice PP Hard Plates.

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At Monouso we are Disposable Products specialists, and the wide range of Plastic Plates we offer is a proof of this.

If you are looking for Economical Plastic Plates, we highly recommend you the Economical Round Plastic Plates and the Economical Square PS Plates. You will find Disposable Plates in different shapes, colors and sizes.

For a complete Table Decoration in which you need to use elegant Presentation Plates, you can access to PET Plastic Presentation Plates and Plastic Under Plates. Here you will find a great variety of Plastic Round Plates, Plastic Square Plates, Octagonal Plates, Plates with Compartments and Plates with Lid in different colors or with a marble finish.

And if what you need is Reusable Plastic Plates that are able to be hand washed keeping beautiful designs and finish, PP Premium Round Hard Plates, Premium Square Hard Plates, PP remium Nice Hard Plates are the Disposable Products you are looking for.

For the most elegant and sophisticated events, where guests demand a high level of quality and design, PS Hard Plates, PS "Form" Design Hard Plates and PP Premium Nice Hard Plates, PS Round Hard Plates and PS Square Hard Plates are the perfect Disposable Plates.

And if what you are looking for is a Disposable Catering Tableware where it is necessary to maintain the food temperature, we recommend you to check our FOAM Plates, which will not let the temperature escape if used with a lid. But if what you need is a microwave suitable plate, PP Microwaveable Plastic Plates are the perfect solution.

Complete your Table Decoration with a Complete Disposable Household Items and discover our wide range of Plastic Cups, Disposable Cutlery and Paper Napkins among many other products.