Plastic Plates

The largest collection of plastic plates for professionals and individuals, perfect for parties, events, celebrations or to cover all the needs in catering and hospitality establishments.

In this section you will find a complete range of disposable plastic plates to buy plastic plates of different materials, designs, shapes, sizes and colours. Dress up your tables with the best catalogue of wholesale plastic plates: easy to transport, hygienic, comfortable and economical.

  • Sustainability: recyclable materials
  • Quality and food contact guarantees certified by manufacturers.
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Stackable
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At Monouso we know the needs of our customers because we are always in direct contact with them. We are aware that an event or catering needs different plastic plates than those needed by a fast food business. And we have all the options to buy plastic plates with maximum reliability, quality and variety.


Cheap plastic plates for small and large budgets

Those who want to buy cheap plastic plates will find the best cost-benefit ratio on the market. Especially for wholesale businesses that sell plastic plates and want to find competitive prices.

Our packs of plastic plates for restaurants are in great demand because of their quality and durability, and because they offer the greatest diversity of models to choose from. An alternative that includes all kinds of shapes: square, round and rectangular plastic plates, among others (such as deep or flat), so you can find the model that best suits your needs.

Our direct relationship with suppliers gives us a privileged position to bring you plastic models at the best price, with the most economical options on the market.

In addition, they combine with our line of sustainable products where you will find disposable plates at the best price made of materials such as bamboo, wheat pulp, cardboard, paper, palm leaf, sugar cane, PLA corn starch, wood and more.


Plastic square plate? Find all kinds of shapes!

More and more models and designs of plastic plates are added to our product catalogue and this is no coincidence! We know that our customers are demanding and always look for the best, that's why at Monouso we offer you a wide variety for all kinds of occasions. We help you save time, resources and effort in your events.

Your guests will feel safe and grateful to be able to use their plate for the first time with all the guarantees of hygiene. Meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy the good atmosphere of the celebration you have organised. Does that sound tempting? Wait until we tell you more.

Our catalogue is so extensive that we have almost any type of plastic plate. We offer variety and distinction so you can choose from clear disposable plastic plates for formal occasions to colourful and fun plastic plates for children's parties. And if you're looking for a long-lasting alternative, choose our durable plastic plates.

For more specific needs, there are square disposable plastic plates and plastic soup plates. The rest can be found in our wide range of products.

All of the models in our catalogue do their job of serving food and pleasing your guests very well, but choosing one in particular will depend on the needs of the event or catering business. If you feel overwhelmed with so many options, now is the perfect time to contact us and we will help you choose the right one.

About our plastic plates: variety, variety and more variety!

In this category you will find the largest collection of plastic plates so that you can find the one that meets all your requirements whatever your needs are: an event, catering, buffet or take away...

  • Economic plastic plates: For any occasion, to serve all kinds of food and with an unbeatable price. They are economical, high quality and come in different sizes and colours. Undoubtedly, a practical, simple and above all economical alternative.
  • Economical reusable plastic plates: A sturdy, high quality option, ideal for large events thanks to its economical price.
  • Hard reusable plastic plates: Use them again and again with peace of mind as they have superior resistance to high and low temperatures. They add style to your table.
  • Durable plastic plates: Ideal for heating your food in the microwave before serving, washing and ready to reuse! Choose from different sizes, textures and colours.
  • Plastic plates with their own lid: The perfect option for fast food businesses that need to transport their food, while maintaining its temperature.

And many other models in different shapes, sizes and colours. Don't know which one to choose? Remember that you can contact Customer Service. We will be happy to help you find the perfect dish.


Buy disposable plastic plates

At Monouso we have the largest range of disposable plastic products on the web, with more than 800 types of specialised products in the sector. And that includes all kinds of materials and for all kinds of uses.

Before choosing a plastic plate it is important that you know the attributes of each product, did you know that most of our products in this category are reusable and recyclable?

We want you to know the quality and variety of our products. That's why we have summarised the main advantages of our plastic plates:

  • For serving food at events, children's parties, restaurants, bars, cafes, and more.
  • Hygienic and safe for our health, you use them, throw them away!
  • Ideal for saving water, cleaning chemicals, space, time and energy.
  • You will enjoy greater comfort while you dedicate yourself to enjoying beautiful and pleasant moments in the company of family and friends, without having to worry about washing them.
  • They are complemented by other utensils such as plastic cups and plastic cutlery.
  • We have PS, PET and PP plastic plates and cups available.


Buy plastic party plates

The best thing about planning events, parties, meetings are the party ideas in which plastic party plates are par excellence the protagonists.

The models in our catalogue are capable of leaving your guests open-mouthed with their designs, shapes, sizes, colours and textures . Combine them easily with the rest of the plastic tableware, no matter what type of event you are facing.

Our selection is so complete that you will find plastic plates for all kinds of celebrations. From plastic plates for parties, for catering, for birthdays, for weddings... and many more.

We offer you plastic plates with compartments, ideal for serving and transporting separate food portions in catering businesses. We also adapt to all kinds of events and parties for which you will need different sizes and capacities.

Give an original touch to your events and start using cheap plastic plates for parties to celebrate the most special occasions.


Monouso, specialised supplier of plastic plates

Positioning ourselves as the leading supplier of plastic plates in the hospitality sector has not been a matter of luck. Our customers' trust is due to our experience in the sector, the quality of our product selection and our competitive prices. At Monouso we are aware of your needs, that's why we guarantee you:

  • Personalised attention to advise you on your choice according to your needs and your budget.
  • Certification and high quality in all our products.
  • We will inform you about our new products in due time.

Monouso® Range

With more than 10 years in the sector, we are able to offer you Monouso® manufactured plastic plates to cover all your needs. Our offer is characterised by guaranteed quality and highly competitive prices.

Still haven't made up your mind?

We know that these lines have not been enough... there is still a lot to say about our plastic plates! That's why we invite you to contact us to solve your doubts and questions. Don't wait any longer! We want to be part of your next event.

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