Synthetic Slate Hard Plates

Synthetic Slate Plates are the star of Plastic Catering Plates. Its design and resistance make this plastic plate an indispensable item for the presentation of food. The Tasting Slate Plate will give an elegant touch to your table and you will be able to use it more than once, since it is a Reusable Plastic Plate.

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For an elegant food presentation in a catering, nothing like Monouso's synthetic slate dishes; moreover, they have the great advantage that they can be used more than once. We have several models of imitation slate dishes for events and parties. Small plates of 11x11 cm, medium plates of 20x20 cm and big plates of 24x24 cm. In addition, rectangular tasting trays of 31 cm wide x 14 cm long. A different, sophisticated presentation proposal; synthetic slate dishes.

We have packs of between 10 and 320 units; both for individuals and for catering services. We can offer you the best price on the Internet in imitation slate plates. But we do not neglect the quality of our products: Extra-resistant and ultra-durable finish. In addition, we have a fast delivery service that guarantees delivery in only 24-48 hours. 

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