Slider Zipper Bag

Plastic bags with slider closures are perfect for storing all kinds of items, including food. They are made of PE, and therefore are flexible, resistant, waterproof and do not contaminate the contents. The gauge or thickness is 250 (0.063 mm). In our catalogue you will find Bags With Cursor Closures in different sizes to suit your needs. What are you waiting for to get organized?

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Plastic bags with slider closures are a very efficient way to store, organize and transport items. They are very practical and versatile plastic bags in which you can store a wide variety of products and are also suitable for food use.

The closure is a red plastic zipper that you can slide on smoothly. An easy, solid and very comfortable closure that you can handle. It is like a reusable case in which you can keep what you need, and as it is semi-crystalline you will be able to see inside it without difficulty. A way of storing objects that can be useful both in your business and at home.

Inside the PE Slider Closure Bag you can store hardware items, spare parts, small to medium sized toys, batteries, pens, beauty and hygiene products, picnic food, samples, tokens, etc. It is a multipurpose plastic bag, so the applications are diverse.

In MonoUso there are 7 different sizes available so you can find the one that best suits your specific needs. And if you are looking for other types of Plastic Bags, we recommend you take a look at the website: We have PE Bags with Zipper, there are also Zippered Plastic Bags with Writing Bands to clearly identify the stored contents, Self-sealing Plastic Bags with Flap, Self-sealing Plastic Bags with Euro Drill and very resistant and waterproof, and much more.

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