PP and PS Plastic Jars

Plastic Pitchers are known as the perfect disposable tableware to serve drinks to several diners without making them dirty or forcing them to hold anything but their glass. The Plastic Pitchers are distributed on the table so that all guests can serve themselves as they wish and can refill their Glasses whenever they wish.

In different sizes and colors, our Economy Plastic Pitchers are perfect for group dinners, restaurants with an open bar of wine or beer and events where the waiters service is only there to set and replenish the food and beverage table. They can withstand both high and low temperatures and their durability makes them almost reusable.

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    Orange, blue, raspberry, transparent, etc., a great variety of colours and models to combine perfectly with the rest of the disposable tableware that will decorate your table.

    Ideal for children's parties and events where a fall and broken glass are not well received, the Polystyrene and Propylene Plastic Jugs we offer here have passed all existing quality tests with flying colours.

    Our Plastic Carafes withstand hundreds of washes in industrial machines, do not transfer flavor or color to the drinks and offer great resistance to shock and temperature changes. You can perfectly combine our Polypropylene and Polystyrene Plastic Pitchers with our Plastic Cups, Cocktail Cups or 20x20 Paper Napkins, ideal for outdoor events.

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