Barn Take Out Box

The Menu Boxes are ideal for taking your food wherever you go or for your birthday parties. Perfect for children's events or picnics in the countryside or on the beach, these Menu Boxes are the cardboard packaging you need to comfortably carry your food on special occasions: with the Picnic Boxes you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying your day; and, with the Children's Menu Boxes you will brighten up the celebrations by giving them a special and different touch and, above all, it will make it easier for you to organize such an important party for you and yours. 

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Menu Boxes are ideal for making small complete menus for children and having everything organized at a children's party, or for handing out food to picnickers, so that no guest misses their drink, cutlery or lunch.

These Menu Boxes can be customized, in our web we have two models to your choice. On the one hand, the Children's Party Box, and on the other hand, the Kraft Menu Box. In the latter, you can put your logo or business name and offer a clean and complete service. They are biodegradable and made of recycled cardboard.

Thanks to our Menu Boxes you will be able to control how many portions you have prepared and so you will not forget any guest or do not overdo it.

Complete your take-away menu service with our Cardboard Cold Drink Cups, which are combined with Cardboard Cold Drink Cup Covers, Cutlery Sets and Paper Napkins, both Economical Paper Napkins and if you want to give your picnic a stylish touch with our Airlaid Premium Napkins.

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