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Cardboard menu boxes are ideal for conveniently transporting all the components of a children's menu (drink, food, dessert, toys) at fast food restaurants, outdoor events such as picnics in the countryside or at the beach or birthday parties.

These menu boxes are the packaging you need to be able to serve food to children on special occasions. They are easy to assemble, they are spacious and you can find them in kraft colours as well as in children's prints to give the little ones a big surprise.

  • They make it easy to organise parties with children
  • Practical for picnic-type events
  • They take up very little space and are easy to assemble.
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Picnic boxes: the best take away option

Do you want your business to stand out from the rest and your customers to remember you for how easy it is to take their orders home in your take away service? Picnic and menu boxes are food packaging to take away all kinds of orders. Which ones? This is the great advantage of these menu boxes.

It's good to have packaging designed for specific uses, but how about having a lifesaver in the form of a case that allows you to transport your order anywhere? Versatility, adaptability, style... Here you will find menu boxes that have room for all these advantages. Picnic boxes are ideal for making small complete menus for children and having everything organised at a children's party or for distributing food among those attending a picnic, ensuring that no guest is without their drink, cutlery or lunch!

Now it's time for you to find out more about the situations that these special containers are capable of saving your catering or hotel business.

Picnic case box

These cardboard boxes are designed to hold any type of ration, as well as all its complements: drinks, cutlery, dessert, toys... anything you want to add to your menu! Our menu boxes adapt perfectly to any consumption experience, both to be taken on the premises once the order has been collected at the bar, as well as in the delivery service.

They also stand out for take away! Read on and you will discover the situations it can help you to rescue.

Cardboard picnic box

Just a glance at the photos of our selection of cardboard boxes will bring to mind various consumer moments that your business can be a part of:

  • Our printed menu boxes present themselves: don't they remind you of the packaging of a children's menu from a well-known hamburger chain? When there's a celebration involved, food is just another element of the party, and we can't think of a better way to present it than in this carrying case with handles. What's more, they are fully compatible with cardboard containers for crisps, so that the star food of children's parties is always present.
  • I'm sure you have located many customers who would be very happy if they took the step of taking home the food they haven't finished. For this you have our kraft menu boxes, because it is not the same for them to take the leftovers wrapped in aluminium foil as it is to use a menu box, where the rest of the leftovers can be transported more comfortably and discreetly.
  • The individual menu box is the all-rounder par excellence. Robust, very easy to carry and with sizes that adapt to both the volume of the order and the shape of the packaging and accessories you need to put inside. For picnics on difficult routes, long car journeys or endless hikes... the cardboard picnic boxes are the ideal solution to offer in your take away to all those customers who want to enjoy their meal in the open air, surrounded by nature, but accompanied by your great dishes in the form of a country menu.

Briefcase-type cardboard boxes

To talk about all-terrain packaging, we have to talk about the all-terrain material: cardboard. We have already seen the wide functionality of these picnic cardboard boxes, and here you will discover why we have the ideal material for them to fulfil their purpose:

  • If the customer has to transport food, the first thing they are going to discard is a container that adds extra weight to the ration itself. Therefore, the lightness of the cardboard is the best option to free both deliverers and consumers.
  • A restaurant that offers a cardboard box that provokes the effect "oh, how cute" in the consumer, has a lot to gain. Our cardboard boxes with top handle are not only practical, they are fun and stylish, and everyone likes them!
  • Cardboard is a very economical option compared to other materials used to make any picnic box. Is take away a staple in your business? You will notice the difference with these cheappicnic boxes .
  • It's effective even before it does its job. Are you short of space? This is the material that allows you to store your containers in the most efficient way possible. It is stackable, so it takes up a lot of space and is very easy to assemble.

Kraft picnic box

The kraft menu box that we put at your disposal allows you to put all these advantages at the service of an ecological option. It's not just a figure of speech. Many times people associate a sustainable option with weakness in terms of resistance, but do you know what the German word kraft means? That's right, strength.

A strong material that allows you to work your image in terms of sustainability. Doesn't it fit in perfectly with what you expect from a case box with a handle? When you think of picnic boxes, two things come to mind, natural environment and durability: here it is.

The handmade character of our cardboard boxes with handle is a hallmark that matches all the characteristics we have talked about. If we add a homemade, natural and handmade image to resistance, sustainability or picnic, we have the perfect equation for your business. We must not forget that we are talking about the packaging element that most different people are going to see for the longest time. So we do not contemplate any other option than to make the most of this resource through the most appropriate design. Do you agree?

Monouso, supplier of picnic and menu boxes

We know that in the midst of the take-away boom, it is necessary to anticipate trends and adapt to consumers' needs on a daily basis. But however changeable these circumstances may be, picnic and menu boxes are a fixed item that you should always count on.

That is why we want to be your supplier, because we are convinced that, by accompanying you from the very basics, you will make a leap in quality in your take-away service.

These cardboard suitcases, with handle and security tabs , can be easily customised for your business. As they are completely smooth, it will be as easy as placing a label with your business logo or handwriting the name of your customers.

On our website we have several models so that you can choose the style that best suits your audience and the type of cooking you do. On the kraft picnic boxes, you can add your logo or the name of your business.

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