Paper Kids Meal Box Party 1,31x1,31x1,15cm (25 Units)

Ref 13104-25
    Paper Kids Meal Box Party 1,31x1,31x1,15cm (25 Units)
    • Paper Kids Meal Box Party 1,31x1,31x1,15cm (25 Units)
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    Ref 13104-25


    • Paper / Cardboard
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
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    • 25

    Paper Kids Meal Box Party 1,31x1,31x1,15cm (25 Units)

    The price is for a pack of 25 Units.

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    More than just packaging, they are the key piece that transforms every meal into a memorable experience. Have you ever wondered how a simple package can make a difference to your customers' perception? Designed to preserve the quality of your dishes and make life easier for your customers, our airtight cardboard containers are the ideal choice for those looking for excellence in every delivery.

    Meticulously designed, these packaging feature the perfect combination of practicality and functionality with our take away cartons. Whether hot or cold, these tubs ensure that every customer enjoys your unmistakable flavours, even when they choose to take them with them to their daily destinations.

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    Data sheet

    Colour Blue
    Total Dimensions 13,1x13,1x11,5cm
    Design MenuBox
    Material Paper / Cardboard
    Product type Box
    Certificates Food Contact
    Height 11,5 cm
    Width 13,1 cm
    Biodegradable Yes
    Compostable Yes
    Food Contact Yes
    Disposable Yes
    Family Monouso
    Grammage 350g/m2
    Intrastat 39241000
    Length 13,1 cm
    Recyclable Yes
    Type Containers
    Packs per Box 10
    Price for 25
    Dimensions 13,1x13,1x11,5cm
    Units per Pack 25
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    Paper Kids Meal Box Party 1,31x1,31x1,15cm (25 Units)

    • Plastic Free
    Paper Menu Box Kraft 131x131x115mm (25 Units)

    Kraft effect

    Ref 13109-25

    25 Units

    13, 23€

    0,529€/Kraft effect

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    In Stock Quantity

      Paper Kids Meal Box Party 1,31x1,31x1,15cm (25 Units)


      Ref 13104-25

      25 Units

      14, 57€


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