Wet wipes

Wet wipes are important for ensuring hand hygiene and disinfection. In this category you can find three types: stain removers (will keep you safe from any incident with food or drink), refreshing wipes (with a mild lemon smell) and disinfectant wipes (used to disinfect any part of the body). 

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Wet wipes are practical products that provide you with immediate hygiene. They are usually found in restaurants (especially seafood restaurants or take-away shops) to facilitate the hygiene of diners, especially when certain greasy foods or foods with a lot of sauce are demanded.

Stain-removal wipes, as their name suggests, are effective in removing food or drink residues that can spill onto clothing.
Disinfectant wipes allow effective hygiene of any part of the body without the need for rinsing.
The refreshing wipes disinfect while leaving a pleasant smell on the hands.
Individually wrapped they can be easily transported for greater user comfort. In turn, your business guests will appreciate this type of quick and effective disinfection to continue enjoying your menu.   

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