Cleansing wipes

Refreshing wipes are the must-have accessory in your restaurant. With different reasons, these wipes are characterized by their disinfectant function and their pleasant citrus smell.  

Wrapped in individual packages they are a practical method of hygiene for your hands.  

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Offer your guests the best service with these refreshing wipes with a soft and refreshing lemon scent.

Not only will they leave a pleasant citrus scent on your hands but you will also provide them with immediate disinfection. Eating seafood or other foods with more fat or oil will no longer be a problem.

In addition to guaranteeing the hygiene of your customers, these wipes are wrapped in individual packages with different designs: lemon and Sorolla check patterns. You will give a touch of style and colour to your table!

Make the hygiene of your customers the priority of your hotel business, beauty salon, shopping centre or petrol station, among other places.

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