PE Plastic Bags without ZIP Lock

In MonoUso we offer a wide range of plastic bags of low density polyethylene without closing with different sizes and prices. With them, you will be able to store all kinds of products, even food with complete peace of mind. Enter and find the Transparent Polyethylene Bag that best suits your needs and close it as you prefer.

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Polyethylene bags play a very important role in any activity, whether professional or domestic. In particular, the unsealed low density polyethylene plastic bags can be your ally to store a wide variety of products, even solid foods. This kind of bags are very versatile because of the diversity of items they can hold, although their most common use is with food products.

With these transparent polyethylene bags, semi-crystalline, resistant and highly flexible, you can store food products in an orderly manner, but also spare parts, small pieces, etc. In these unsealed polyethylene bags you can also store products that release dust. Store everything from sweets, nuts, toy parts (dice and puzzles) and even hardware items such as screws. There's a whole world of options at your fingertips, and it depends on the size of bag you choose - and there are 14!

It's a convenient, practical, easy to close and quick to store. They are bags that you can close in your own way with a loop, knot or a plastic guide. Without a doubt, these are quality transparent polyethylene bags at a very good price.

If these unsealed PE Bags do not fit your needs, in MonoUso you will find a wide variety of Plastic Bags that will surely adapt to what you are looking for. If you prefer thicker bags, and give a touch of class to the packaged products you can opt for Bioriented Polypropylene Bags Without Seal. However, if you need storage bags with special closures you can choose the Plastic Bags with Zipper, there are also the Plastic Bags with Writing Bands, to clearly identify the stored content, Plastic Bags with Self-End Closure and Flap, Plastic Bags with Self-End Closure and Euro Drill very resistant and waterproof, Plastic Bags with Slider Closure as if it were a case, and much more.

In MonoUso there is a very extensive range of Plastic Bags for Packaging and Storage. Everything you might need, you'll find it here.

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