Plastic Cup Carriers and Trays

The Plastic Cup and Tray Holders are the most convenient transportable support for customers who prefer to take their drink with them. When ordering more than one drink, the Plastic Cup Holder is the most recommended, as the customer can easily transport it without worrying about possible spills.

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We have a model of 6-hole cup holders. The Cupholder, on the other hand, is the most suitable for those who opt for a drink or two. This model of Disposable Cupholder stands out for its functionality and presence.

On the one hand, the material of these Plastic Cupholders prevents the customer from getting burned. Furthermore, to reinforce safety they incorporate a handle. On the other hand, their high quality finish gives a sophisticated touch to the presentation of the glass.

The model is available in different colours. For the Plastic Cups, we have Plastic Cup Stands, which are a sophisticated support for our events.

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