Foil Trays with Lids

If you want to take your food to a picnic, to your best friend's house or to an event, the aluminium trays with lid are the best option. Choose the option that best suits you from our catalogue.

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If you want to make cannelloni as good as Grandma's, there are no excuses anymore. The aluminium trays with lids allow you to cook the food in the oven without the risk of the packaging being deformed. Moreover, because they are made of aluminium, these trays allow you to keep the temperature of the food so that your customers can take it home without it getting cold quickly.

If your business is a take-away or take-away service, aluminium trays with lids are the perfect choice. On the other hand, if your business offers a catering service where you have to transport meals, these containers will also be of great help. Thanks to their anti-fat lid, your customers will be able to take their meals without fear of spilling the contents.

Another advantage of aluminium trays with lids is that they allow you to collect and clean efficiently. Once you have finished using them, you only have to throw them into the container and that's it!

Our aluminium trays with lids have a silver finish that will give your meals a look so formal and attractive that you will not be able to resist trying them. In MonoUso we have different models so you can choose the best option to make your recipes perfect. And cook!

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