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DoyPack Stand-Up Pouches

Discover the innovation and versatility of our Doypack pouches, designed to optimise your packaging needs. With their distinctive and unique design, these bags stand upright with ease, offering an attractive on-shelf presentation and a spill-free pouring experience.

Equipped with resealable closures for convenient opening and closing, these resealable paper bags ensure the long-lasting freshness of your products thanks to their multiple layers of moisture- and air-resistant, high-barrier materials. The zips on our bags can be opened and closed as often as required thanks to a variety of different systems, such as zip or self-adhesive fasteners.

These ecofriendly bags are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect for a wide range of products, from food to non-food products and, thanks to their window, they are ideal for displaying the contents inside without the need to open the packaging.

  • Easy-open for simple, continuous use
  • Protects foods such as coffee and herbal teas from moisture and air
  • Transparent window allows you to see the contents
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Featured products in DoyPack Stand-Up Pouches

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Doypack paper bags with zip

They say that good things come in small packages. Well, they were talking about kraft zip bags, also known as coffee and tea bags. Imagine opening one of these bags, taking a deep breath and smelling the smell of freshly ground coffee. Won't that convince you? Your customers too.

We hope that you will also be won over by this category we have prepared so that you can choose the DoyPack paper bag model that best suits your needs.

The purpose of a zipped paper bag is to keep the inside of the bag in perfect condition, while sending a message to the outside. For this reason, most of these bags have windows or a transparent front.

At Monouso you can find zip types such as:

  • Hermetically sealed paper bags
  • Paper bags with self-adhesive closure
  • Paper bags with window and top closure

And not only that, but we have only just begun to unravel our catalogue of resealable paper bags....

DoyPack bags

DoyPack bags are one of the most popular formats in the stand up pouch market.

What is a DoyPack bag?

We are talking about a product with side gussets and bottom gusset that allow it to stand upright, being perfect to keep the product straight on shelves and display cases, and even serve for display. Among the latter, the most commonly used are the DoyPack bags with window as they allow the food inside to be shown.

Their main characteristics are:

  • As a general rule, they are heat-sealable
  • They have side and bottom gussets, allowing them to "stand upright".
  • They are very flexible
  • They have a surprisingly high capacity for the pouch format.
  • Their format maximises food preservation
  • They are extremely hygienic.
  • It is a sustainable packaging, designed to reduce the carbon footprint.

The popularity of this product is growing all the time, so we have created the perfect section for those professionals who want to go for this solution. Who knows? Maybe next we'll add transparent DoyPack pouches.

DoyPack bag models

At Monouso you can find different types of DoyPack paper bags, depending on format, closure and finish. Some examples are:

  • DoyPack paper bags with window
  • DoyPack bags with zip
  • DoyPack stand up pouch with zip
  • DoyPack kraft paper bags

Don't forget that we have other models of kraft bags with window, in case this style doesn't match what you are looking for.

Have you found the model you are looking for? If not, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find the most suitable solution for you.

Paper packaging for nuts and dried fruit

One of the most popular applications for resealable paper bags is as paper packaging for nuts.

Truth be told, it makes perfect sense. This format allows the nuts to retain their intense flavour, crunchy bite and, of course, their characteristic smell. Therefore, it is only natural that this is one of the number one choices in the catering industry.

Paper bags for coffee and tea

The world of speciality coffee is growing all the time and more and more people are demanding solutions that help package coffee as freshly ground. Trust us, not just any coffee packaging will do: you're looking for a paper coffee bag.

This format has been created by and for maintaining the exquisite qualities of good coffee. Our paper coffee bags guarantee that your beans or ground coffee will maintain the exact humidity, temperature and conservation that the best speciality coffee demands.

Likewise, a product that ensures the quality of the coffee is a clear candidate for similar foods. It was only logical that our paper bags for infusions are an excellent way to maintain the aforementioned characteristics.

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