Plastic Mini Serving Glasses

The Mini Tasting Cups are the Designer Plastic Cups made to present, serve and taste culinary works in any worthy event. Protagonist when offering canapés, appetizers and starters at weddings, baptisms and receptions, our Mini Tasting Cups offer a wide range of possibilities to delight the diner just with the presentation.

The Disposable Plastic Mini Tumblers belong to the Premium range, as their manufacture in Polystyrene gives them a shiny, resistant and elegant finish, and as they are Single Use Tumblers they will save you time, money and cleaning.

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In our catalogue you will find Mini Tasting Cups in different sizes, models and shapes. These Plastic Cups are perfect for presentation at tastings and caterings. Disposable Mini Tumblers are also known as Finger Food Plastic Cups, as they offer small samples of individual culinary delights for each diner.

Round, square, wider, narrower, high or low, from MonoUso we think that your presentation has to be unique that's why we give you the possibility to complement these Plastic Mini Tumblers with our great variety of Catering Accessories we have. Miniatures for Tasting perfect to conquer the most select of palates.

As they are Disposable Mini Cups you will save time in their disposal, collection, hygiene and safety, as they are Disposable Cups they will be free from wasting water and detergents.

Buy individual dessert cups
In our catalogue you will find plastic cups and cake cups to impress at parties and celebrations. If you are looking for a place to buy dessert cups, at Monouso we offer a wide range of individual disposable dessert cups. We offer a variety of dessert cups and glasses. As for the tasting cups, we also have dessert cups with an infinite number of patterns and models to finish off your dessert with a very elegant and subtle decoration.

The dessert glasses we have at Monouso are an excellent option for catering and presenting hotels for holidays. We have the best selection of cups for small desserts or to serve in a glass. Among the infinite options, we have mini glasses from 40 cc to 220 cc in a multitude of shapes, don't wait any longer and if you are looking for that ideal place to buy dessert glasses this is your place.

Dessert cups and mini cups for catering on sale
At Monouso, we have a wide variety of glasses to serve appetizers and snacks or starters for restaurants, events and catering. Mini tasting glasses are an essential product for all types of catering, both inside and out. They are glasses with an excellent design and at Monouso we offer a wide range of possibilities to delight customers with an excellent food presentation.

Most mini catering cups are disposable, saving time and money. We have a range of fun and original glasses for catering and hospitality. Mugs ideal for cocktails, sweets, plastic cups, etc. If you are planning to hold a catering event and need mini glasses, at Monouso we offer you the best professional quality.

Buy tasting cups for celebrations of any kind of parties and events
Get your desserts in individual glasses with our tasting glasses, they are very simple and can be used as a sample of food and drink. They are typical tools of the restaurant because they keep a certain elegance due to the event in which they are usually used. The tasting glasses at first sight are very simple, although at Monouso we also have a wide variety of very original tasting glasses. The tasting glasses have been designed down to the last detail so that birthdays, weddings, communions or any other form of celebration are something very special for the guests.

There is a great variety of tasting glasses, whether they are simple, small, medium, modern or very suggestive. In our online shop, we have octagonal, square, square, square, square, small, prism, truncated, square, hexagonal glass and an infinite number of shapes and patterns. In addition to making this celebration special for staff and family. You will make them taste the flavours, but also with innovative glasses made with totally stable quality materials and an excellent design.

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