Kebab Containers

Wrap packaging has become the perfect container for the presentation of these culinary delights where a bread cake wraps meat, vegetables and sauces. These Wrap Containers, made from a combination of cardboard and paper, are very ergonomic and light, and adapt perfectly to different types of pastries. Our Cardboard Wrap Containers are designed for the perfect holding of the product and space saving when storing and transporting it.

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Our Wrap Packaging is perfect for this type of food, pastries and snacks. You can find these wrap trays in several models, Red Wrap Boxes "mmmm", Kraft Recycled Cardboard Boxes and Kraft Boxes with Window.

With thermal insulation properties and a fat impermeable coating, our Wrap Boxes facilitate on-the-go consumption because of the cold sensation in the touch of the package, even though they keep the food warm. Its thermal properties allow the use in ovens and the contact with the iron.

How do you make our Wrap Cartons easy to consume on-the-go?

The possibility of eating anywhere quickly and easily is becoming a lifestyle in the 21st century. The demand for these foods continues to increase for people who are always busy, so it is necessary that these foods are served in fat-free and convenient packaging. That is why Wrap Packaging is an indispensable food container in this new trend of consumption. And if you need other packaging to serve food on-the-go in your business, do not hesitate to take a look at our paper bags for chips, fry boxes, cardboard tubs for soups or ice cream, sandwich packaging or boxes for burgers, among others.

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