Take Away Containers

Take Away Containers offer a wide range of possibilities to suit your business. In terms of Food Packaging we have Sandwich Containers, Burger Packages, French Fries Boxes, French Fries Cones and many more types of Plastic Containers, Cardboard or Ecological Packages, such as Sugar Cane Packages.

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Plastic Sandwich containers

It is always good to protect the snacks, and the best way to do it is with our Disposable Sandwich Packages, in the same way, if your business is dedicated to the Take Away food and we also have Take Away Sandwich Packages that will not leave you indifferent, come in and discover our products

Noodles Containers

The oriental food is more than fashionable, it is very good, and that is why we present these Noodle Packages, incredible little boxes in the purest oriental style, feel the totality of the oriental spirit with the typical Carton of Noodles

Hot Dog Containers

The Hot Dog containers provide us with a comfortable and practical way of transporting the Hot Dogs. Apart from the Hot Dog Thermal Container or the Cardboard Boxes for Hot Dogs, we have incorporated a range more committed to the environment, known as Sugar Cane.

Desserts Containers

Present your desserts with our Dessert Packs, you can make your customers take your desserts in a safe and elegant way with these incredible Disposable Dessert Packs, don't hesitate and buy them.

Burger Boxes

Hamburger Packaging is one of the star products in Fast Food Catering, and that is why little by little, apart from the Thermal Burger Packaging or the Hamburger Boxes, in our catalogue we have incorporated an ecological range, known as BePulp Sugar Cane Burger Packaging. Our Hamburger Shells can be customized to the customer's taste.

We have everything you need to get your take-away business off the ground: take-out containers or take-away containers. Hamburger shops, snack bars, fast food and take away shops are some of the places where this packaging is a must.

For these establishments it is essential to have containers in which they can serve the food to their customers in a comfortable and easy to transport way. And you can find them at Monouso.

We present you the best take-away food containers, plastic food containers or cardboard food containers of different sizes and an attractive design. Your sandwiches, churros, soup, hamburgers, hot dogs or noodles will keep the temperature at which you have served them and will not stain your customers thanks to their anti-fat interior.

Containers to order food at home during the coronavirus

We've all asked ourselves this question in the last few weeks, is it safe to order food from home with the coronavirus? According to the CDC (U.S. Disease Control) there are no problems, you can order food in quarantine always remembering to keep a safe distance and paying, if possible, by credit card as the liquid money passes through many hands.

Just as food does not transmit disease, containers used for transport and storage continue to pass the relevant safety checks and food certification. This means that they have safety and hygiene guarantees to be in contact with the food. Guarantees that cover all our take-away food containers to ensure the best conditions.

Whatever type of food you sell in your business, at Monouso we have everything ready to find what you need.
And now, take advantage of our services such as free delivery in 24-48 hours or impeccable customer service, and our star service: pre-sale and post-sale. Buying at Monouso.es is synonymous with buying with peace of mind and security.

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