Taco Carrier Brackets

Going for tacos is enjoying life, but let's be honest: Many times, eating them is a little difficult.

Because of their shape, tacos -at times- become indomitable, especially when you keep all the ingredients inside, in their blessed place.

In order to avoid inconveniences and that eating tacos is a breeze, we present you the sugar cane taco holders, an ideal product to make sure that the tacos reach any place perfectly.

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In addition to convenience when serving, moving or eating a taco, the taco holder offers you the following advantages:

100% ecological product.
They do not soften when in contact with liquid ingredients, such as sauces.
They resist high temperatures and do not transfer them to the hands of the diner.
Safe article for your preparations.

After processing the cane to make its main product: sugar, the resulting bagasse was a waste from the sugar mills. The production is so high that it became a problem.


Over time, a way was found to use this reduced product from the cane. Today, this sugar cane fibre is used to make different packaging and 100% environmentally friendly products.


These Taco Carrier Brackets are made of this material.


In addition to their ecological properties, the Taco Carrier Holders offer you the possibility to move two cubes at the same time.


In terms of size, they are 18 cm long, 11 cm wide and 5 cm high, ideal for transporting standard-sized blocks, with the filling of your choice.


If you are thinking of a taco stand for your take away service, this stand will undoubtedly offer you the advantages you need so that your customers can enjoy your tacos anywhere and without any inconvenience.


You can combine it with our Bio Trays with Lid and you will have the perfect pair for your tacos to cross the threshold of your restaurant, without fear of them arriving in a salad.

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