Plastic Tasting Spoons

The Tasting Spoons are special Catering Accessories to serve appetizers in an elegant and sophisticated way. With a reduced handle size and a wide ladle, our Disposable Appetizer Spoons, made of Polystyrene, offer great resistance, even though their weight is light, and a great variety of colours and models. All our Plastic Appetizer Spoons have a design that provides them with great stability to be presented on a tray. 

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    Appetizer Spoons are the most commonly used Tasting Spoons in the presentation of Appetizers for Catering. These Disposable Tasting Spoons are also known as Plastic Presentation Spoons specially designed to surprise guests at weddings, baptisms and large celebrations.

    Our Plastic Tasting Spoons offer distinction, elegance, savings and cleanliness, as they are One-Time Use Accessories that can forget about the heavy tasks of collecting and scrubbing.

    Our Catering Spoons, made of Polystyrene, offer great resistance and do not give off flavour to the food, leaving the diner to enjoy the essence of each appetizer.

    Of very varied designs, the MonoUso Catering Spoons are elegant and perfect for combining with more Catering Accessories of different materials, colours and shapes, creating services with an original seal.

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