Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags are the best packaging for storing, transporting or preserving any type of product, including food. In MonoUso we offer you a wide range of Plastic Bags such as T-shirt Bags, Market Bags, Vacuum Bags or any Bag with Adhesive Closure, with Cursor, with Flap or with Euro drill. We adjust our Packaging Products to your needs, seeking that all of them allow you to transport objects with total security. You can find them in different sizes and prices.

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PE Plastic Bags without ZIP Lock

In MonoUso we offer a wide range of plastic bags of low density polyethylene without closing with different sizes and prices. With them, you will be able to store all kinds of products, even food with complete peace of mind. Enter and find the Transparent Polyethylene Bag that best suits your needs and close it as you prefer.

Hermetic bags with zip closure

Do you need to store your products safely in a container that allows you to open and close easily? The airtight zipper bags are designed for you. In our catalogue you can find a wide range of hermetic bags such as our PE zipper bags, PE zipper bags with writing strip, PE zipper bags with self-sealing, PE zipper bags with pocket and the PE cursor bags.

CPP Plastic Bags with Adhesive Closure

The CPP Plastic Bags with Self-adhesive Flap are the perfect transparent packaging to present garments in sale format or for your laundry and ironing business. Its Self-adhesive Flap makes the product easy to take out and put in, thus preserving it from possible stains or rubbing. These Clear CPP Plastic Bags are the best presentation for your business' products.

cellophane bags

Our high quality cellophane bags at Monouso are perfect for a wide range of business and manufacturing needs. Whether you are planning to package a product for retail, create unique gift baskets for a special occasion or deliver favors at a large marketing event, our clear cellophane bags are ready for any task.

T-Shirt Bags

The T-shirt Plastic Bags are a very resistant, versatile, economic and functional variant of Packing Bags. It is the most recommended and comfortable way of transporting products, especially food products.  Plastic bags with handles are available in various formats, colours and also available in packages of at least 50 units. This way you can place an order that adapts to your needs and your customers will always be able to transport their purchase in the most comfortable way possible.

Plastic Bags are made of a resistant material that allows to transport objects in a comfortable and safety way. T-shirt bags, also known as T-shirt bags or T-shirt handle bags, is a product extremely used in everyday people’s routine for its functionality and portability by using handles for its transport.

If your needs are about thicker bags, a bit elegance for packaging products you can try Bioriented Polypropylene Bags without Closure. However, if you need bags to store anything in which you need special closures you can choose Plastic Bags with Zip Closure, there are also Zip Plastic Bags with Writing Bands, to clearly identify the stored contents, Plastic Bags with Self-closing and Pocket with Adhesive Band and Flap, Plastic Bags with Self-closing and Euro drill very resistant and waterproof, or Plastic Bags with Cursor Closure, as if it were a case, and much more.

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