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Plates, Trays and Bowls

Disposable or reusable plates, trays and bowls, without a doubt, are always the main protagonists of our meals, because, who are we going to lie to, a tasty preparation presented on the right plate always tastes better.

If you want to have your table always ready for any occasion, at Monouso we have a wide range of plates, bowls, bowls and trays of all kinds of materials, colours and sizes so that you don't miss anything.

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Have you ever stopped to think about how wide the market for sustainable tableware is? At Monouso we have a varied assortment whose main objective is to cover all the needs of your establishment: whether you are looking for durable models of plates to use again and again in your dining services, event catering or terraces, or if what you want is a sustainable alternative, such as biodegradable plates.

However, depending on the material, shape or size, each model has its own properties. That's why our plastic plates and sustainable plates offer you many possibilities.

What types of plates, trays and bowls can you find at Monouso?

When we talk about plates, the first ones that usually come to mind are dinner plates, which are the ones that are commonly used in all our meals for main and main courses . However, there is a great variety and they are all equally useful and functional. That's why we don't want to leave out the deep plates, which we use for soups, creams and purées, the smaller plates specially designed for desserts and the presentation plates. The style and material of each one will depend on the taste of each person and the occasion for which they are used.

Within this large family we can also find biodegradable bowls or plastic bowls, so necessary for any of your preparations. The bowls have many functions, as you can use them for cooking: to whisk, mix or stir ingredients, or to serve them on your guests' tables with liquid or solid food, whatever you prefer!

Also, when it comes to serving snacks, plastic trays or biodegradable trays play a very important role. Why is that? You may ask. Quite simply, for a top-notch presentation, the right thing to do is not to use the same plates that we use for the main courses to present the starters. Trays will allow you to bring all kinds of food, snacks or tapas to the table in an elegant way.

Disposable tableware or reusable plastic tableware?

In summer terrace services, catering for small and large events or celebrations with a large number of guests, reusable plates are your greatest allies. Here you will find models that compete in design with traditional tableware, however, they have the great peculiarity that they do not break easily.

Or they don't even break! Like our range of durable plates, which stand out for their durability and for being microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. The kings of the reusable range!

For a large event, single use is a great idea that brings many benefits, from the convenience of use, to the accessibility of the products. Traditionally, disposable plates, trays and bowls lacked elegance and gave a simple air to our celebrations. Today, however, we can find a large number of materials that effectively replace glass or ceramic without affecting the style or presentation of the table.

For example, our cardboard plates, with a wide variety of shapes and patterns; sugar cane plates, compostable and very pleasant to the touch; elegant bamboo plates; wooden plates; palm leaf plates, with their characteristic veins; or wheat pulp plates, among others.

If you are looking for party plates, microwaveable plates or underplates, you will also find them in their corresponding sections. We have models for all occasions!

And remember that you can count on our customer service team to answer all your questions and find just that piece of tableware you are looking for. Call us and we will help you with your purchases!

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