Sugarcane Plates

The Sugar Cane Pulp Dishes stand out for being environmentally friendly, ecological, resistant and suitable for use in microwaves. Organic Disposable Sugarcane Pulp Dishes are ideal for outdoor events and parties. An Ecological Dish formed by Ecological Disposable Plates in different sizes, shapes and colors to offer you a complete, elegant and high quality service. In this category you will also find the Wasara Tableware; an exceptional disposable tableware with a design that reflects the elegance of Japanese tableware.

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    Bio Sugarcane Plates are the most complete ecological solution in terms of Disposable Products. Available in different sizes, shapes and colors, they are the perfect disposable plates to complete an ecological dinner service where all kinds of food can be served, from the first canapés to the dessert. 

    At Monouso we offer you Disposable Sugar Cane Plates with which to surprise your guests, since this material, 100% ecological with which they are made, offers great resistance and quality. They are Sugar Cane Plates resistant to oils and fats that can be used in microwaves.

    Where does this material come from?

    When farmers squeeze the cane to get the sugar, the bark of the plant is left as a useless waste whose burning is harmful to the environment. We therefore use this bark to make Sugarcane Pulp Plates. Thanks to this manufacturing process, we talk about 100% Biodegradable Plates, which decompose in only 180 days after disposal, in a completely natural way. 

    In this section you will also find Biodegradable Plates from Wasara Tableware; a One-To-One Tableware with an exceptional design that reflects the typical elegance of Japanese Tableware.

    Discover, thanks to the Sugar Cane Plates, that the comfort offered by a Disposable Plate and the savings in time and money involved in its use, is possible without skimping on quality and elegance. But, above all, it is possible without forgetting the care of the Environment.

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