Cornstarch PLA Deli Containers with Lid

PLA cornstarch lidded containers are eco-friendly containers. They are a highly sought-after product by those who want a resistant and practical container that also takes care of the environment.

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    PLA cornstarch lidded containers have a clear, durable finish. They are perfect for storing cold foods such as fruit, candy, sandwiches or other foods. Therefore, they are ideal for keeping food in the refrigerator.

    PLA is a bioplastic created from natural resources such as corn starch, giving it the advantages of conventional food packaging with the added bonus of being compostable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

    These containers are thermoformed, which means that they are lighter and have greater flexibility and resistance so that you can transport your food without fear of breaking or tipping over. In addition, their transparent finish and refined design will give your meals an elegant look.

    If you're looking to offer cold food, PLA cornstarch lidded containers are a great choice. At MonoUso we have different sizes of containers from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs - a reliable and ecological alternative for your business!

    If you are wondering if these packages are compatible with people allergic to corn starch, the answer is yes! Our PLA products comply with current European regulations and are safe for people who are allergic to corn starch or its derivatives. We have made an article on our blog on this subject, here.

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