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Biodegradable Bowls

Serve delicious broths, delicious creams or delicate mousses in any of our various biodegradable bags, ideal for giving an eco-friendly touch to your events, parties and celebrations. You can find them in sugar cane, chinet, bamboo, palm leaf or cardboard... a wide range of disposable bags are waiting for you in our shop!

From Monouso we offer you a wide collection of different disposable bowls to present from snacks to delicious desserts. In hotels, restaurants, caterers and take away food services they have become an economical and hygienic substitute.

  • Grease and oil resistant
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • 100% natural
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At Monouso we offer you a wide range of ecological bowls and bowls with the clear objective of providing a touch of distinction to your event with a 100% environmentally friendly option: sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Disposable bowls

We like to think of disposable bowls as the mainstay of any hospitality business or event. Is it even possible to think of a tasting without the typical disposable bowl full of nuts or snack portions?

At Monouso we know that and that is why we have given this product an important place in our shop. Here you will find a wide selection of disposable bowls perfect for any situation.

Biodegradable disposable bowls

Made from sugar cane, chinet cardboard, palm leaf or bamboo, these disposable bowls have very different characteristics and styles, each one for a different occasion!

Those made of bagasse, chinet or cardboard have a robust, elegant and grease-proof appearance. They can usually be used in the microwave, as they can withstand high temperatures without heat transfer. Due to their characteristics, they are an excellent choice for take away, as they allow your customers to heat the food in the container itself once it reaches their hands. For their part, the eco-friendly disposable palm and bamboo leaf bowls present a very elegant and sophisticated line, which will help to raise the level of the dishes that you present in this type of biodegradable bowls. Great bowls for great dishes!

Compostable bowls

The bowls made of cellulose or sugar cane fibre are compostable, that is to say, in addition to degrade by natural action after a certain time, like the rest of the biodegradable bowls, they can also be decomposed by human action, which accelerates this process. If you do not find this information in their product sheets, please contact our Customer Service to solve all your doubts.

Disposable bowls for hot and cold foods

Small and large disposable bowls, whether round or square, have many uses when it comes to presenting or transporting food: soups, snacks, appetizers, olives, pasta, salads or salads... the list could be endless. In our catalogue you can find disposable bowls for soup and other foods in different sizes, colours and shapes.

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