Biodegradable Bowls

Enjoy pleasant broths, delicious creams or delicate mousses with any of our varied Biodegradable Bowls, ideal to give a touch of distinction to your party without damaging the environment. In Sugar Cane, Chinet and Cardboard, a large assortment of flexible, extra rigid and unbreakable bowls. In short, from MonoUso we offer you a wide collection of different bowls that will help you to present from snack to delicious desserts. In hotels, restaurants, caterings and Take Away food services Bowls have become the most economical and hygienic substitute to traditional Plastic Deep Plate.

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Molded Fiber Bowls

The Chinet Bags, also known as Bags made of 100% ecological cardboard fibre, are very resistant, rigid and will provide a clean and elegant look to any of your presentations. They can withstand from low to very high temperatures, are moldable, but virtually unbreakable. And although MonoUso does not recommend it, many private clients have informed us that thanks to their warmth they have been able to give them more than one use.

Palm Leaf Bowls

These beautiful Palm Leaf Bags, with a woody look, are the most essential ecological alternative to living nature that you can find in our catalogue of Biodegradable Bags. Made from the leaf itself, you can see how the coloured tars show the natural roots of which they are made. Their great quality and resistance make them products that, in their particular use, can be reused. Complete your ecological table with Sugar Cane Glasses, Wooden Cutlery or Ecological Paper Napkins.

Paper Bowls Party

The Cardboard Bags can also be decorated, which makes them the protagonists of all the parties that they deserve. These Cardboard Party Bags, as they are known, are the ideal complement when it comes to decorating a table for an event. Birthdays, anniversaries, tributes or fancy dress, this disposable tableware is special for theme parties where the color and brightness give joy to the moment. 

Bamboo Bowls

The Bamboo Bags, made of 100% natural bamboo, are an ideal option to complete the most demanding tables without losing sight of the care of the environment. Under a very oriental design, these Ecological Bowls are ideal to contain starters, salads, soups or rice portions, offering an unbeatable quality service. Available in different sizes, the Biodegradable Bamboo Bags will adapt to any situation where the use of an oven or microwave is not necessary, as this material can withstand a temperature of up to 70ºC.

Sugarcane Bowls

The Disposable, Compostable and Biodegradable Sugar Cane Bags are made from the remaining bark once the farmers squeeze the cane to extract the sugar. Ideal for offering broths, desserts and snacks at any reception, these bowls are 100% eco-friendly and can be heated in the microwave.

The best way to combat environmental damage is to use Biodegradable Products. In this sector we know this and that is why we offer you a wide range of Ecological Bowls with the clear objective of providing a touch of distinction to your event and to help in turn to improve the health of our ecosystem.

In Sugar Cane, Chinet or Cardboard, these Bowls of Cellulose Pulp can be easily degraded and deposited in the soil to become your own fertilizer.

Without transmitting their flavor to food, these utensils show a rigid and elegant aspect and are greaseproof, perfectly usable for microwaves, as they can withstand high temperatures without passing through the heat.

In our catalogue you will also find a great collection of Plates, Trays, Cutlery, Napkins and Biodegradable Cups, the perfect option to surprise your guests and be in harmony with the planet.

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