Bamboo Bowls

The Bamboo Bags, made of 100% natural bamboo, are an ideal option to complete the most demanding tables without losing sight of the care of the environment. Under a very oriental design, these Ecological Bowls are ideal to contain starters, salads, soups or rice portions, offering an unbeatable quality service. Available in different sizes, the Biodegradable Bamboo Bags will adapt to any situation where the use of an oven or microwave is not necessary, as this material can withstand a temperature of up to 70ºC.

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Serve and present your best recipes in the most elegant way and always respecting the environment, now it is possible with these 100% Natural Bamboo Bags, free of any toxic chemicals. 

Under a beautiful oriental design, the Bamboo Organic Bowls will be able to contain soups, rice or salads in the most demanding tables, but this is not all! Thanks to their manufacture in Bamboo, catalogued as one of the most resistant materials in the world, these Reusable Bowls are robust and very stable, so they offer a comfortable service of the highest quality. 

Widely used in restaurants, hotels and catering, the Biodegradable Bamboo Bags require hardly any maintenance, and can be adapted to any situation where the use of an oven or microwave is not required, as this material can withstand temperatures between -5ºC and +70ºC.

Available in different sizes and capacities, the Bamboo Bags are compostable bags that, under specific environmental and temperature conditions, will decompose without residues.

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