Round Aluminium Trays

The round aluminium containers are ideal for cooking in the oven in a practical and economical way. In MonoUso you can find different sizes and shapes so that you can choose the option that best suits your recipes.

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If you have a cooking side, the round aluminium containers are perfect for you. With them you can cook all kinds of dishes such as pizzas, tortillas, cakes or quiches. These aluminium containers can withstand high temperatures and are compatible with fridges or freezers, so you can keep your culinary creations at the temperature you need. In addition, aluminium is a good conductor of heat, so it will keep your recipes warm for a long time.

The round aluminium containers are very convenient for cooking as they are suitable for baking and avoid you having to constantly change containers. And forget about cleaning, once you're done using them you just have to throw them in the container - they're all advantages!

The round aluminium containers have a silver finish and a simple design but will give your recipes a very elegant and attractive look. In MonoUso you have a great variety of sizes to choose from, from the smallest 140 mm in which you can prepare a dessert like custard or brownie, to the largest 330 mm, where you can cook your best pizzas. Take advantage of this opportunity and get some very practical and economical containers!

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