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What is a menu without a good dessert? With our aluminium flaneras you can complete your meals and offer your customers any delicious dessert in a practical way. In addition, you can complement the flaneras with the plastic or aluminum lid to be able to transport your desserts without fear of spilling them.

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Flan is one of the most typical desserts in our country. Its great versatility allows to make hundreds of combinations with different ingredients to give it an original and personal touch. With the aluminium flaneras you can offer your customers a typical dessert in a classic and very practical package. But these containers are not only for custard, but can also be used for other desserts such as chocolate mousse, rice pudding, panna cota or yogurt.

If your business is a catering or tasting service you can also use the disposable aluminium custard packs to offer small snacks to your customers with the advantage of being able to throw them away after use and clean them much faster.

Because they are made of aluminium, the flaneras can withstand high temperatures, so they are excellent for cooking in the oven without fear of deformation. They are also freezer compatible, so you can keep your recipes at the temperature you need.

If you are passionate about cooking and your specialty is desserts, aluminium flaneras are perfect for putting your culinary skills to work. At MonoUso we have different sizes and shapes for you to choose the one you like best. Get to work!

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