At Monouso we offer you all kinds of professional products for catering. From containers for transporting food to fun and original miniatures for presentation and tasting of each preparation. We have a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs for serving tapas, snacks and appetisers. Make the most of the presentation of your dishes with slate effect trays, skewers and skewers or cocktail napkins, as elegant as they are functional. In our catalogue you will find tasting spoons and miniatures for catering with the most refined and original designs: plates in the shape of hats, mini bowls, stars, light bulbs or hearts; corrugated plates, tin cans or mini bowls, among many others!

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Finger Foods

Food Picks and Skewers

Plastic Cocktail Glasses and Flutes

Reusable Synthetic Slate Hard Plates

Bamboo Serving Trays

Sugarcane Trays

Trays with Lid

Anti Slip Serving Trays

Decoration and Accessories Ice Cream

Cocktail Napkins 20x20cm and 25x25cm

Excellent food and luxury presentation are the two essential ingredients for success when organising an event with your caterer. You can take care of the first, but let us at Monouso provide you with the second requirement with the best items for professionalcatering.

If you need to put together an elegant, fun or original presentation, in our miniatures section we have selected hundreds of trendy and quality references for you so that each event can be unique. Surprise your customers with the latest trend in miniature containers!

As no two clients are the same, your events don't have to be either. Without changing the menu, just by varying the presentation containers, you can create totally different services. Imagine the difference between presenting your croquettes in a tasting spoon or in a tower on mini pallets. Two very different styles that completely change the concept of your event!

Non food supplies for catering businesses

From Monouso we recommend you the miniature tasting design if you are organising an elegant celebration such as a wedding reception or a company event. The sophistication of these models has no limits in terms of shapes and finishes. This allows you to let your creativity loose to create a good connection between the concept of your recipes and their presentation.

With them, you will leave your guests open-mouthed. Rely on our design section, with authentic miniature works of art. You can serve your food in light bulbs, tin cans, shovels, stars, flower-shaped plates... a whole range of original and sophisticated dishes that allow you to personalise the organisation of your events down to the smallest detail.

For more informal parties or tastings at trade fairs, we have all kinds of products in mini format, such as mini-cups, mini-cups or mini-trays.

Plenty to choose from? If you have any questions, please contact our customer service: we will answer all your questions and manage your purchase easily.

In addition to the presentation, there are other very important aspects to take into account when choosing the packaging for your catering business:

  • Lightweight: light miniatures allow you to transport them easily, both during the set-up of the event and during the clean-up.
  • Stackable: storage space is often limited. That is why it is important to choose stackable items to optimise the resources at your disposal. In addition, it will be much easier and quicker to transport them.
  • Cleaning time: by including disposable options, cleaning up at the end of the service is simplified, as your employees will only have to worry about depositing the waste in the appropriate containers.

Monouso, supplier of disposables for catering companies

At Monouso we are a benchmark in disposable suppliers forevent organisation professionals thanks to a carefully selected catalogue where you can find all the products you need. In addition, we offer quantity discounts to adjust prices for your big celebrations.

In addition, we have permanent stock guaranteed so that your orders leave the warehouse without delay, 24-hour delivery and multiple payment methods, to give you all the possible facilities.

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