Economical Plastic Cups

Dressing the tables at events or celebrations in an elegant and sophisticated way? There's nothing better than affordable plastic glasses. Made of high quality materials, they are the perfect solution to raise the level of your catering service without exceeding the budget.

These glasses can be used for wine (red, white or rosé), champagne, liqueurs or cocktails. They are the simplest and most economical solution for events or receptions, as well as practical and hygienic.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Perfect for serving wine, water, cocktails or gin and tonic outdoors.
  • Transparent and shiny
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Looking for the perfect accessory for the perfect evening? No matter what kind of celebration you have in mind, plastic glasses offer unique rigidity and strength at a price that is affordable for any budget.

Cheap plastic glasses at Monouso

The best allies to make your celebrations go off without a hitch, and, no wonder, who doesn't like to offer the best to their diners or guests in an economical way? For this reason, cheap plastic glasses are the most demanded in the sector, ideal for you and your guests to enjoy tasting any type of drinks safely and without incident, from a glass of wine to a glass of cava.

What's more, plastic glasses are hygienic and much safer than glass glasses, so you won't have to worry about unfortunate accidents and cuts at your events. As they are inexpensive plastic glasses, you will save money by offering a quality service.

No matter what idea of celebration you have in mind, we guarantee that at Monouso we have a complete catalogue of cheap glasses, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that you don't leave anyone out at your events. Take a look at our catalogue and don't miss out, we have the glasses you are looking for!


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