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Silver vacuum bags

The silver vacuum bags are the perfect option for packaging food in a safe and practical way, as thanks to their vacuum packaging technology, better preservation of food is achieved, maintaining its freshness and prolonging its shelf life. These vacuum bags are characterised by:

  • Better aesthetics: They allow food that has to be exposed in vacuum packaging to have a much more appetising appearance.
  • Resistance: Due to their characteristics and materials, silver vacuum bags are among the most durable in our catalogue.
  • Easy sealing: Suitable for freezing and with 100% efficiency.
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Vacuum bags to improve aesthetics

A large number of businesses sell their food vacuum packed and are faced with the problem of poor food presentation due to having to present it in these conditions. From Monouso we have selected a range of silver vacuum bags that will allow different products such as meat and fish to look much more appetising.

Imagine arriving at a butcher's shop or approaching the fridge of a business to select your product and finding the food vacuum-packed, with an impeccable presentation. That's why we consider our silver vacuum bags so essential. Thanks to their silver plastic layer, they offer an improved appearance for all the food you decide to put in them and vacuum pack.

Silver vacuum bags in shops

Silver vacuum bags are an excellent choice for packaging and preserving a wide variety of foods. These bags are designed for use with professional vacuum packing machines and are made from high quality materials to ensure optimal food preservation.

Another advantage of silver vacuum bags is that they are stronger than domestic embossed vacuum bags, for example, allowing them to withstand the weight of heavier products and prevent them from tearing during storage or transport.

Silver vacuum bags are particularly durable, and can be stored in the freezer without frost forming. They are also easy to seal and are 100% efficient.

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