FOAM Containers

FOAM Containers are very practical to transport your menus safely. Our Thermal Containers are of an excellent quality, ideal to maintain the heat of your menus. The Isothermal Containers are of foamy touch, very light, economic and have multiple functions, as they can be Burger Containers, Hot Dog Containers or Thermal Menu Boxes. This food packaging is also known as Porex Container or Cork Shell.

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FOAM Bowls

Our Isothermal FOAM bags, light and rigid, are able to maintain the temperature of the food for a long time. Manufactured in Expanded Polystyrene, the Thermal Bowls are difficult to break, able to support the weight of the food without problems and very economical, as they will save you a lot of time after parties and celebrations because they are Disposable Bags.


Disposable Foam Containers are thermal, this means that they prevent the temperature of the interior of the Single-Use Container for Ice Cream from being lost, making our ice creams last longer without falling apart.

FOAM Burger Boxes

With the disposable burger containers from FOAM you can serve the burgers and get them to keep the temperature longer, thanks to the thermal properties of FOAM. FOAM packaging is perfect to withstand high temperatures and to insulate the outside. 

FOAM Hot Dog and Sandwich Containers

Discover our range of FOAM packaging for Hot Dog and Sandwich and find the product that best suits your needs. Disposable FOAM Containers are Thermal Disposable Containers, as they maintain the temperature of the food, ensuring a quality service and favouring the transport and consumption of hot dogs or sandwiches. In this category we offer you Foam Containers for Hot Dog, Foam Containers for Panini and Foam Containers for Baguette available in different sizes and colors; are you going to miss it?

FOAM Menu Containers

These Thermal Menu Packs manage to maintain the temperature of the food, in addition the properties of FOAM make these Single Use Packs avoid the transfer of flavours between foods, thanks to its different sections.

FOAM Containers are characterized by its foamy appearance. FOAM Containers are rigid and light. In particular, they are valued for their thermal capacity, as they maintain the temperature – therefore, it is one of the most appreciated Thermal Containers. In addition, the Isothermal Containers’ finish is resistant. The versatility of FOAM Food Packaging is wide.

We have Thermal Food Containers for different applications: Hamburger Boxes, Menu Containers, Hot Dog Containers or Thermal Menu Boxes, among others. Due to their thermal capacity and versatility, Thermal Food Containers are a highly recommended option.

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