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Within our wide selection of take away food containers, salad containers stand out for serving food that needs to be kept cold to keep it in perfect condition. They are usually made of food-safe materials, both plastic and cardboard, which will ensure that your salads remain fresh at all times.

Freshly washed romaine lettuce. Tender sprouts. Juicy diced tomatoes. A little golden, shimmering oil. Put these elements together in a cardboard salad bowl and you have a delicious result. Salads are undoubtedly the most enjoyable food in hot weather. They are light and refreshing at the same time. Unfortunately, these qualities deteriorate quickly without the right measures. For this reason, our salad containers are designed to keep your products in perfect condition for longer.

  • Visually appealing: their different designs and degrees of transparency allow you to enjoy your salads visually as well.
  • They preserve the freshness of vegetables: thanks to the materials they are made of and their shape, these salad containers will keep your vegetables fresh.
  • Resistant to humidity, sauces and oils: Due to the materials that make up each of our salad containers, they are perfectly resistant to humidity, sauces and oils.
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We have prepared some information for you to help you decide which salad container is best suited to your needs. Shall we take a look?

Salad containers

Plastic salad containers are made to transport, preserve, cover and present all kinds of fresh food.

You have already taken a look at our various salad containers. In order for you to make the right choice for your product, here are their main characteristics.

Plastic and biodegradable take away salad bowls

Nowadays, the concept of salad is very broad and diffuse. The foods that make it up range from potatoes or pasta to rice or chickpeas. In order to preserve the attributes of each ingredient, disposable salad containers are made of different materials:

  • Salad containers made of PLA plastic preserve the freshness of the food perfectly. This is because they are resistant to moisture and retain both the taste and smell of the products. In addition, they are easily compostable, making them a very good eco-friendly alternative for your business. And the advantages don't end there: it is a hygienic material that hinders the appearance of microorganisms. So it is highly recommended for food use.
  • The cardboard of our disposable salad containers is lightweight and has superior strength. As a result, they are a popular transport option for catering professionals. In addition, they are available in different finishes and colours. The most popular is undoubtedly kraft. This design enhances the visual appeal of the food and adds an air of prestige to the establishment.
  • PET plastic lids protect food from external agents such as air or humidity. This is because they are waterproof and corrosion resistant. In addition, they provide a firm seal thanks to their high rigidity and hardness, which means they can be transported safely and securely. And not only that, like PLA, it is a particularly hygienic material and recommended for food handling.

Regardless of your salad concept and the recipes of your restaurant, hotel or catering establishment, we will preserve its qualities in perfect condition until it is ready for consumption by your customers. At Monouso we have disposable containers for salads in a wide variety of materials.

Containers for salads, vegetables and greens

Salad is a food that accepts all kinds of ingredients: chicken, tuna, egg, olives, anchovies, Heura, tuna... On a thin bed of lamb's lettuce, rocket and sprouts, anything goes. It is to be expected that salad packaging is just as versatile, so it is not surprising that it has hundreds of uses. In order to help you choose the right one, here is a list of the most common uses:

  • Salad containers for take-away business
  • Salad containers for picnics
  • Salad packaging for supermarkets
  • Salad packaging for catering
  • Salad packaging for events
  • Salad containers for food trucks

Plastic salad bowls with lids

We know that many diners buy salads to take to work or for an impromptu picnic outdoors. Because of this, clear plastic salad bowls are lightweight and extremely safe. This is because their plastic lids and flaps provide a secure seal that prevents spills and drips. Your food will remain in perfect condition even in the event of unforeseen events.

How many vegetable still lifes have you seen in museums? Indeed, we have lost count too. That said, it's clear that the vibrant colours of vegetables attract the attention of even the most artistic eye. For this purpose, our disposable salad bowls are generally provided with a transparent surface. Your guests' mouths will be watering at the sight of your products.

Salad bowl

Vegetables are not only extremely tasty, they are also the most visually appealing food group. Purple. Yellow. Pinks. They have such a myriad of shades that many are used as pigments for artistic paints. For this reason, their packaging is designed to maintain their freshness while displaying the beauty of their colours. To accomplish this task we have various shapes and designs of fruit salad containers:

  • Do you want your food not to move a millimetre during transport? Plastic salad bowls with transparent hinges have an exceptionally secure closure. In addition to being reliable, they preserve the flavour of the food perfectly, so that no matter how long the journey, your customers will fully enjoy the nuances of your products. Their list of qualities doesn't end there, as they are also a perfect showcase for your ingredients due to their transparent design. Your food will look so delicious that it will catch every diner's eye.
  • If you are looking for packaging that is both elegant and functional, the vegetable cartons with window are a must-have for your business. Thanks to their kraft finish that highlights the natural beauty of the ingredients, your products will stand out as if they were on a fashion runway. In addition, the transparent window allows customers to see the food at all times - no customer will be able to resist once they have seen the beautiful structure of your items.
  • Undoubtedly, convenience is one of the most important factors for consumers. Therefore, if you want to meet this need, we recommend compostable salad pots made of transparent PLA. Their cup-shaped design allows for a secure grip. Therefore, it is perfect for your customers to enjoy a healthy snack while they take a pleasant stroll. In addition, thanks to their transparent surface they are ideal for displaying your most eye-catching food.

It has been proven that eye-catching food is capable of whetting the appetite of the most demanding diners. For this reason, it is essential that you have transparent salad disposables that not only keep your food fresh but also make it look delicious. So, at Monouso we have different designs of salad packaging to enhance the experience of any establishment.

Monouso, salad packaging supplier

In order to meet the demands of diners, we at Monouso have become an excellent supplier of disposable salad containers.

  • PLA hinged salad bowls
  • PLA salad bowls with lids
  • PLA transparent compostable tubs
  • Cardboard salad containers with windows
  • Kraft cardboard salad bowl
  • Disposable salad bowl
  • Disposable salad plates
  • Single-use salad bowls

At Monouso we are closely committed to the work carried out by catering professionals. Thus, we offer an extensive catalogue of disposable salad bowls with the aim of taking some of the burden off their shoulders.

Always at your disposal for the purchase of salad containers

The origins of the salad go back to Ancient Rome, where the Romans used the term "hierba salata" which referred to the way of eating raw vegetables with water and salt. Today, salads have evolved to become not only a famous starter but sometimes a main dish. Every country has its own version according to the gastronomic culture of its population. In Spain we have the Andalusian sojon with cod and orange, from Italy comes the renowned Caprese salad made with buffalo mozzarella and in Mexico the international Caesar salad was born, renowned for its dressing.

Thus, salads are able to bring together ingredients that are already delicious on their own to create a much more complex flavour scheme. Like this food, we share this philosophy. At Monouso, we want to join with professionals in the hospitality industry to create a better experience for diners. That's why we provide you with a wide range of disposable salad containers.

If you need more information about packaging, containers, plastic or salad containers, or other types of fast food packaging, we invite you to contact our customer service department.

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