Disposable Lab Coat

Disposable Gowns, made of Polyethylene and Polypropylene, in different colours and with velcro or tape fasteners, are increasingly used as hygiene accessories in the food, health and beauty sectors. In their manufacture, the use of disposable plastic materials seeks to guarantee the safety and hygiene of each client and each service. 


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Our polyethylene and polypropylene disposable gowns are the perfect garment for every client or patient to feel comfortable knowing that this garment is uniquely and exclusively for them. These disposable bathrobes are increasingly necessary in restaurants, beauty centres and hospitals, guaranteeing the safety and hygiene of the user. At Monouso we offer you a wide range of protective products that are perfect for your business and to complement these disposable gowns, such as: caps, masks, aprons, gloves, coveralls and disposable underwear.

In our catalogue you will find all types of models and colours: from polypropylene gowns with velcro or tape fastening, special gowns for handling food, white or coloured disposable gowns, disposable children's gowns, disposable surgical gowns, disposable hairdresser's gowns, disposable patient gowns etc. 


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