Sugarcane Trays

The Sugar Cane Trays are environmentally friendly, ecological, resistant and suitable for use in microwaves. Available in two colors, White Sugarcane Trays and Natural Sugarcane Trays, these Organic Trays will adapt to any need. Choose between Square Disposable Trays, Round Disposable Trays, Oval Disposable Trays and Trays with Compartments, they form a wide range of Organic Trays that after their useful life, will be able to decompose in two months.

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The Sugar Cane Trays are a perfect ecological solution when it comes to completing an Ecological Disposable Dish; because with these Organic Trays you will be able to present and serve any type of food whether it is cold or hot, solid or liquid.

Surprise your guests and do not leave anyone indifferent with these Organic Trays of great strength and quality, as they are suitable for use in microwaves and can contain fats and oils.

Where does this material come from?

Sugar cane, as its name suggests, is born from the plants from which sugar is extracted. When farmers squeeze the cane to obtain sucrose, it remains a useless waste whose burning is harmful. In this way, we take advantage of the surplus bark to manufacture the Sugarcane Trays. Thanks to this manufacturing process, our Sugar Cane Trays are 100% Biodegradable Trays that decompose naturally after 180 days of disposal. 

Round Ecological Trays, Square Ecological Trays, Oval Ecological Trays and Ecological Trays with Compartments, large, small and in two different colours, form a wide range of Biodegradable Disposable Trays made of sugar cane, to adapt to any need. 

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