Compostable Forks and Skewers

The Biodegradable Snack Cutlery has an important place in points of sale of street food and fast food services, where to consume all kinds of snacks without leaving aside the care of the environment. Available in different sizes, materials and colours, we invite you to discover our range of Biodegradable Snack Forks and Biodegradable Snack Skewers, which offer great quality at the best price.

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Our Biodegradable Disposable Snack Forks and Biodegradable Disposable Snack Skewers are the most popular disposable flatware for street food stands, food trucks and fast food services because of their biodegradable flatware status. 

With a visibly reduced size, these Biodegradable Cutlery for Snacks are ideal for the consumption of all types of tapas such as chips, onion rings or vegetables, in a comfortable and simple way.

Made of wood and bamboo in different colours, our Biodegradable Mini Forks and Biodegradable Snack Skewers will save you time and money because, after use, they are ready to be thrown away! However, despite being a disposable product, our Biodegradable Snack Cutlery offers an enviable quality. Still have doubts?

If you're looking for other types of biodegradable flatware, we invite you to discover other sections of our single-use flatware such as our Wooden Flatware, PLA Biodegradable Flatware, Bamboo Flatware and Bio Servingware.

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