Anti slip serving trays

Have your plates or glasses ever slipped off the tray? It can happen to all of us, but avoiding it is very simple: with the plastic anti-slip tray you will gain in comfort and save yourself the trouble.

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Our non-slip trays are made of polypropylene and have a non-slip surface that prevents spills and accidents.  This feature makes it perfect for hotel and restaurant businesses as well as for fast food or self service establishments, where customers serve their own food.


You will avoid accidents.
Comfortable and easy to use.
You will improve your customer service.

Non-slip table service trays are reinforced with fibreglass which makes them lighter than conventional trays, making them the perfect waiters' trays to help staff transport, serve and collect food and drinks.

All the advantages offered by non-slip plastic trays guarantee perfect and efficient service without worrying about spillage.

These non-slip food trays are very resistant, which guarantees them a long life and makes them a very profitable investment for your pocket and your business. In addition, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe so washing them for their next use is a breeze.

At MonoUso we try to satisfy all your needs, so if you are looking to buy a non-slip tray on our website you will find different models for you to choose from: you can find everything from round non-slip trays to rectangular non-slip trays. All our models of anti-slip trays are super-economically priced and sold in packages.

Choose yours and make sure you offer a good service to your customers!

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