Plastic Cava Flutes

Make your toast happy with our Plastic Champagne Glasses. These elegant Disposable Plastic Cups offer great strength and sobriety with a very bright finish. If you want to make an event and present an elegant disposable glass, let yourself be surprised by the high quality of our collection of economical plastic glasses for champagne. Disposable glasses that are difficult to break and easy to assemble.

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Plastic Champagne Glasses are the most practical solution for drinking cava and champagne properly. These Disposable Plastic Cups are ideal for parties. Made of crystal polystyrene, our Plastic Champagne Glasses combine the best attributes of glass and plastic. Because of this, the Disposable Champagne Glasses have a crystal clear appearance.

One of the most important characteristics of these Plastic Champagne Glasses is their rigidity and thermal insulation, keeping the temperature of the drink as long as possible and without affecting the taste of the drink.

An important aspect of these drinks is the bubbles, with the Plastic Champagne Glasses the bubbles are preserved and therefore the quality is not lost. Therefore, the guest can taste his favorite drink in these Plastic Economy Glasses without losing its exquisite flavor. Moreover, after having used them, they can get rid of the glass, thus facilitating the organization, cleaning and collection.

At Monouso we have a wide range of Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses for Cava, both one-piece and two-piece, quick and easy to assemble, for every occasion.  Among them, we offer the Traditional Plastic Champagne Glasses, that is, transparent and with a black or silver base. For the more daring, there are available Plastic Party Cava Cups with coloured feet, ideal to combine with the Disposable Tableware and give joy to the table. For the more innovative, we recommend the Plastic Champagne Glasses in Black or White. All in all, the Disposable Champagne Glasses have class and style without giving up the comfort of the Disposable Cups.

And if what you need is another type of Plastic Glass, do not hesitate to consult our sections of Plastic Wine and Water Glasses, Plastic Liquor Glasses, Reusable Plastic Glasses, Plastic Cocktail Bags and Plastic Ice Buckets. Undoubtedly the best collection of disposable glasses of all types: both cheap plastic cups and premium plastic cups.

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