Reusable Plastic Gin Glasses

Our Reusable Gin Tonic and Cocktail Cups offer a perfect finish that surprises everyone with its great resemblance to glass. Perfect for use in resorts, swimming pools, boats and outdoor events, these Unbreakable Cups can withstand up to 500 dishwashes and do not generate any waste.

Another advantage of these Unbreakable Plastic Cups is that they can withstand all the shocks of the world, making them tremendously necessary for events where there is a massive attendance.

From MonoUso we offer you a great variety of designs that, if you wish, you can silk-screen print to enhance the image of your business, brand, event, party or cocktail.

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Are these types of Reusable Gin and Cocktail Cups legal?

Mass events have always caused hundreds of residues and damages, becoming sources of infection and contamination. That is why the current legislation has included a new law that prohibits glasses used outdoors from being broken. This is why these Reusable Cups for Gin Tonic and Cocktail are the best valued by professionals.

On the other hand, in this type of events, the Disposable Cups or Single Use Cups are used a lot, since their price is very economic. But due to the large number of units used, the large amount of waste generated and the dirty image they give of your event, they make the economic into reusable.

Our Reusable Gin and Tonic Cups, manufactured in Tritan, are very resistant, as they can withstand an average of 400 to 500 washes per piece, depending on how they are used and the quality of the product.

MonoTip: How do you clean these Reusable Plastic Cups?

First of all, you must bear in mind that under no circumstances may you use products with abrasive fibres, such as scouring pads and brushes. As you know, cleaning is very easy: first empty the glass of any leftover drinks or ice, put it in the dishwasher and, at the end, wipe it with a cotton cloth, so as not to leave any drops behind. 

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