Foil Pan for Cake

Put your apron on and get cooking! With the Aluminium Cake Packs you can make all the recipes you want in the most practical and comfortable way. At MonoUso we have various sizes of packaging so that you can choose the one that best suits your recipes.

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Aluminium cake packaging is very practical and multi-purpose. On the one hand, they are not only suitable for cakes, but can also be used to prepare any recipe. Moreover, as they are made of aluminium, they are perfect for hot meals such as rice or pasta. On the other hand, they provide comfort and hygiene when preparing any food, since once the product has been consumed, you only have to throw it into the container.

Thanks to all the advantages they offer, these cake moulds are the perfect companion for any cook. It is a material that is resistant to high temperatures, which makes it the ideal container for cooking cakes or sponge cakes in the oven without fear of deformation. Moreover, thanks to the ability of aluminium to adapt to different temperatures, these aluminium cake containers can also be put in the fridge to keep your meals in good condition.

Aluminium cake tins preserve the aroma, temperature and taste of the food, so not even the smallest detail of your culinary creation will be lost.

Aluminium packaging for cakes is a great ally for your recipes because, as well as being practical, they are also very economical. Take advantage of this opportunity and get to work!

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