Paper Bowls Party

The Cardboard Bags can also be decorated, which makes them the protagonists of all the parties that they deserve. These Cardboard Party Bags, as they are known, are the ideal complement when it comes to decorating a table for an event. Birthdays, anniversaries, tributes or fancy dress, this disposable tableware is special for theme parties where the color and brightness give joy to the moment. 

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Informal, but nice, cheerful and fun, that's how our Cardboard Party Bags are. Their variety of color will give joy to your celebrations, without forgetting sustainability and hygiene, because they are disposable and easy to decompose. You can combine our Partyware with our Colored Plastic Cups and Cutlery and some cheerful Napkins.

Thanks to our Special Party Products, you can forget about celebrating the typical party with the traditional white Plastic Plates that are normally used for any occasion, since with our Party Bags you can give it a touch of joy. A resistant tableware, with a wide range of colours in which you will find designs for all tastes: special for girls, for boys, for thematic parties, with fashionable drawings and even a high range with more refined designs, a great catalogue for you to find the one you are looking for.

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