Palm Leaf Trays

Our Palm Leaf Trays are totally biodegradable since they are made of 100% vegetable material with the leaf's own nerve. With a pleasant and rigid texture, their designs have darker streaks that make them beautiful and unique. Palm Leaf Trays are the most ecological and hygienic product you can find, as they are disposable products, to use and throw away, especially for people committed to the environment. Although in particular cases, they admit more than one use due to their resistance and composition.

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As if the food was served from the leaf itself, our Palm Leaf Trays can be considered one of the most natural products on display in our catalogue. With no chemical additives or compressions, you will see how the streaks of the branch itself are drawn before your eyes when viewing the trays.

Resistant to high and low temperatures, these Biodegradable Trays are ideal for a garden barbecue or any type of outdoor event.

If you wish to complement these trays with 100% natural products from the same range, do not hesitate to consult our catalogue Palm Leaf Plates and Bags.

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